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josé miguel said...

What is this conflict situation all about? The terms used to articulate the situation is coup, politics, reform, corruption, old politicians and rebels. These are words available in a language to describe a perception of a reality of internal political affairs of a country.

But what caused this in the first place? Surely it could not just have happened by chance. Historically progressive corruption happened because those who have the access to power in government applied that power for personal gain instead of for national gain. No, they are not the old politicians or simply politicians. They are most of us Filipinos but who happened to have the opportunity because of access to power. No they are not the rich among us. The rich just happened to have access to power so they among us have opportunities to take advantage of it for personal gain. They are the Filipinos among us. Give the poor among us the power and will also have the opportunity to use it for personal gains. And indeed the poor among us will actually also use the power as an opportunity for personal gain.

This circumstances could have caused then by something else. The aformentioned description of situation shows that most of us Filipinos love ourself and our family. We have no love at the national level. A symptom of this is an assumed president who refused to have evidences of presidential involvement in the tampering of the 2004 election result presented, collaborating with the Chinese in displacing us Filipinos from our economic bases. A symptom of this is the collaboration of the aforementioned assumed president collaborating with the Americans in controlling our defense system as shown in the American behavior in Mindanao as well as in Subic.

This is an indication of national pathology. These are symptoms of an Alienated Identity and Defense Syndrome. What is the underlying cause of these pathological situation? We have to look into our history thru independent and objective sources.

Then we can have a clearer perception of our reality. Then we might be using a more universal and adequate different language to define the aforementioned conflict situation. This time we might start using terms such as, resistance movement, treason, foreign invasion, sovereignty, national integrity, recovery of our original constitution, puppet government and enemy collaboration. These are terms used in a situation involving a sovereign nation defending it's integrity against a foreign aggressor perpetuating its invasion thru corruption of the political institutions of the nation it is occupying.