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This is an information material for study on the development of a nation. This is not a foreign, political, nor religious policy propaganda material. In fact, information on a certain nation is always and must always be studied, not only by the friends and allies of that nation, but also by the enemies of that nation which will be only beneficial to the recipients.

The value of Zionism as a movement to us filipinos, is in our struggle to be free of the degenerative disease of alienated identity and defense syndrome. At present, we filipinos are divided into classes, sectors, profession and individuals with conflicting interests. Each of our classes, sectors, profession and individuals are dependent on the americans for protection, and economic sustenance, as well as
intellectual, cultural and social prestige. We have added another sector among us which we designated as the militant left, who are clamoring for the dismantling of american militarization of the different areas of our country. This means that only the militarization of the different areas of our country are being objected. The more subtle but deeper invasion which is the control of our economy, education, culture, and the whole of our developmental code which is the control of our destiny is being overlooked.

This information is about how a people was able to keep intact a national identity inspite of their having been driven out of their land and scattered around the world for 2000 years, and came back to recover the original land of the birth of their nation. We filipinos, who have been driven out of our inherited identity, our own origins of our nation, our inherited constitution, our inherited defense institution, our inherited national culture, and the whole of our national developmental code of excellence, and our loyalty to our nation was scattered for decades, and need to recover them, can learn a lesson.



China Reform Monitor No. 372, April 3, 2001
American Foreign Policy Council, Washington, D.C.

Iran-Russia-China axis seeks to limit US power;
Chinese nuclear scientists visit Pakistan military

Editor: Al Santoli

March 21

Iran has expanded relations with China and Russia to limit the role of Washington in Middle Eastern affairs, reports the Cairo Al-Ahram newspaper. Iran has relied on China and North Korea to develop strategic missile capabilities to confront Israel and rebuild its power, both in conventional and nuclear arms. Iran President Khatami's recent visit to Moscow, where he signed new economic and defense agreements, represents a reaction to the United States' efforts to isolate to contain and isolate Iran. Russia is striving to restore its influence exercised before the fall of the Soviet Union, the paper adds, "particularly after Washington did not hesitate to accept Eastern Europe into NATO' If we add this to the emerging Chinese giant, we will find that global transformations in the next few years will not give unipolar powers [US] much chance to enjoy its hegemony over world resources."

March 26

China's logging trade is ravaging the forests of northern Burma, stripping bare hundreds of square miles of ancient tropical forests, the Washington Post reports. The ecological damage in Burma is indicative of the mounting appetite of the Chinese economic giant is spreading to threaten the resources of Asia and other parts of the world. The unregulated logging boom in Burma is the result of a deal between the Burmese military dictatorship, tribal warlords and China, which supplies most weapons and military materiel to the regime. Since the 1949 Communist victory, China's environment has been severely damaged. Fifty years ago, half of Yunan province [which borders Burma] was forested -- today it is less than 10 percent. In 1998 Beijing imposed a logging ban. Conservationists say environmentally beneficial policies in China have created incentives for Chinese loggers to destroy forests in other parts of Asia.

March 27

Twenty-three Chinese nuclear scientists have arrived in Pakistan for week-long talks with the newly restructured Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, armed forces Services Chiefs, and the head of Pakistan's military-run regime reports the Islamabad Pakistan Observer. Led by Liu Jibin, Minister for Science, Technology, Industry and national Defense, the Chinese delegation will take part in the formal inauguration of the Chasma Nuclear Plant, built with Chinese assistance. The delegation will also visit Wah, Kamara and other nuclear and defense installations. They will pay a special visit to the Pakistan naval dockyard in Karachi.

March 28

The National Security Advisor to Philippines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said that China was the biggest source of illegal drugs into the Philippines and that Chinese military officers are involved in narcotics trafficking, Reuters reports. Some 95 percent of the $5.3 billion drug trade in the Philippines is comprised of meth-amphetamines, called "ice," coming from China. Speaking to the Foreign Correspondence Association of the Philippines, Roilo Golez said, "PLA (People's Liberation Army} officers are the ones running the drug manufacturing plants in four or five coastal provinces of China." Asked what the involvement of the PLA men was, Golez said, "Manufacturing and trafficking."

Copyright © 2002, American Foreign Policy Council.
All Rights Reserved.





Brig Gen Danilo Lim has already a proven record of integrity and combat effectiveness as a soldier and as a filipino, before he, together with other patriotic filipino soldiers among us, resisted the GMA government. Many of those who have known Gen Lim in one way or another, spoke of his being a gentleman and of his sterling qualities in his responses to situations and his treatment of his fellowmen. He has been consistent before and up to now that he and other patriotic filipino soldiers among us are already prisoners and one who was able to escape, after having lost in maneuvers against the GMA puppet government of our foreign invaders. What then, can be the basis of arrest and put to prison of the patriotic filipino soldiers among us? There is only one so far. That is, tactical. Gen Lim and the patriotic filipino soldiers among us were out maneuvered tactically by the enemies. This for us, is a temporary loss in the tactical battle. The will of our enemies, as of today, prevailed.

Apparently, many of the police and soldiers among us confuse the enemy of our nation with that of self, and self with that of the enemy of the nation. There is a need for us to go back to elementary.


The GMA government has, by the use of sophisticated as well as brute legal, economic, and military instruments, suppressed the presentation of legal evidences which could have proved legally the initial report that the Armed Forces of the Philippines was used in the tampering of the 2004 election results by GMA. Members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines were prevented by GMA from testifying before the senate inquiry on the initial report. The Mayuga Report on the circumstances surrounding the incident in the military several years back in the Philippines, which would determine the guilt or innocence of those filipino soldiers among us as prisoners, has never been released.

The suppression of legal evidences to legally prove the initial report, is a validation of that initial report that the Armed Forces of the Philippines was indeed used in the tampering of the 2004 election results by GMA. These facts establish the status of the GMA Government as an illegitimate government of the Filipino Nation. This government, is a corrupted government.

Why do we allow those who have been continuing to suppress the evidences, to be defended by our security system? Why do we allow those who resist this suppression to be wronged with impunity?


Because the GMA Government is already a corrupted organism in our nation. It's actions must also be corrupted, which incur damage to our people such as:
  • 27,600,000 is the number of us filipinos in 2006 which increased by 2.9% from 2003, who could not afford to sustain ourselves with minimum basic needs for food, health, education and shelter.(1)
  • Our towns in Aurora and Quezon provinces were buried in mud, tens of thousands among us were left homeless, or some 1500 of us either died or were left missing by the flood that hit sometime around 2004. These were caused by among others, the allowing of the GMA Government of Belen Chua, Toplight Lumber Corporation owner, to continue logging on 8000 hectars of land in Aurora province.(2)(3)
  • Small retailers in Clark Pampanga were displaced by the giant SM company owner Henry Sy who was allowed by the GMA Government to operate in the area, despite of protests by the small retailers existing in the area and in spite of the anomalous processes.(4)
  • A filipina among us was raped and the convicted U. S. Marine Corps personnel was released thru a legal, economic, and public relations maneuver by the GMA Government, continuing the historical pattern of convict-free or jailess criminal offenses by the americans in our country.(5)
  • Handing over of our Sabah, our islands, agricultural lands, and economic bases to foreigners.
  • Attempted anomalous $330 Million deal with the chinese providing our government broadband network services which would give the foreigners access to our information and communication.(6)
  • The continued collaboration of the GMA Government with foreign invaders controlling our defense system in terms of policies, armaments, and the whole of our defense developmental code thru military education programs, as well as economic, military, political, and cultural package deals with our top officials and critical mass which have been generating and perpetuating the dependency processes in our nation.(7) A result of this defense developmental code of dependency, is a defense which could not anymore develop beyond counter-insurgency capbility. This results to our orientation towards attacking only of self in defending the foreign invader who is resisted by the self. This is an autoimmune disease at the social level.
Is it not yet clear to us that GMA has been collaborating with foreigners who have been continuing their invasion of our nation since 1899? Is it not clear to us yet that GMA has committed acts of treason? Is it not common sense to us that our foreign invaders have maneuvered their invasion into a more subtle but deeper level of penetration?


For having resisted this infection in our society, we filipinos paid even further for the cost, the GMA Government has inflicted upon us:
  • 800 of us filipino journalists, students or ordinary folks who were guilty of having defended in our own way our people against human rights abuses and one fertilizer scam witness against the GMA Government, have been killed since 2001 as of today.(8)
  • Jun Lozada was jailed and harrased for having refused to deny that he was kidnapped by the GMA Government agents to prevent him from testifying before an investigation on the GMA involvement in the $330 Million anomalous ZTE broadband deal with the chinese.(6) The very ethical values of his children among us, is now in danger of being eroded.



We are not refering to our pride in having been associated with a filipino boxer as the champion of the world, or wearing a shirt with words "I LOVE MY PHILIPPINES" in bold, blue, red and yellow colored letters. These are good. But what we are refering to, are matters that affect the lives of the people of our nation. We are refering to us, individuals who should be taking upon ourselves, not to throw our wastes on our creeks or rivers. We are refering to those among us who should be taking upon ourselves ensuring that our trees are not cut unless a matter of life or death. We are refering to us, buying shoes and guitars that are locally made instead of from China because we know that those products used to be our domain in the world but has been lost because of the maneuvers of foreigners economically dominating us and displacing us out of our access to our own resources. We are refering to the soldiers among us not allowing ourselves to be controlled by foreigners in charting our own destiny by protecting our own brother filipinos before a conflict of interest between the foreign invader and us filipinos resisting the invasion. We are refering to those personnel in the immigration bureau among us, who are not allowing entry of illegal aliens even when bribed with a huge amount of money. We are refering to each and everyone of us filipinos not allowing corruption of our nation and leaving others in injury inspite of huge amount of material rewards for us and our family in exchange.

We can only allow this continuation of injury being inflicted upon us if we have either lost our reason for national existence, or have developed a national existense guilt. This is the same as an adolescent who developed schizoprenia as a result of having lost differentiation of self from the world because of the lack of maternal love resulting to an experience of deprivation in childhood. The adolescent individual lost interest and confidence in the self.(9) This is the same as a girl, who having been raped and drugged, without spiritual and psychological counsel, lost all interest in her dignity and her future except in a fix of dope and survival. For having a disintegrated nation, we, by the nature of preservation instinct, have been experiencing a regression towards individualism. From a nationcentric, we regressed to familial or egocentric. But man is by nature, a social being. To fill the vacuum, we have been looking for the biggest a social home we can find, where we can belong to. That is why, many of us find ourselves placing our loyalty above anything else, to a family, a clan, a benevolent politician, a professional organization we can be proud to belong to, a social class, or a benevolent foreign invader. Anything, as long as we can get the needs for our flesh, our security, self-worth, and fullfilment. But above all, we are really looking for a social home where we can experience love for others.


We need not look for something else beyond us. We need not place our future in the hands of foreigners. We need not develop a nation thru synthetic process. We already have an organically developed nation. Why should we let such treasured home go into waste and spend resources trying to look for new materials from which to fabricate something new? Such treasured home is our inheritance. Why let our own inherited treasured home be eaten by worms only to spend extra energies experimenting in trying to synthesize another home we conceive of to be of treasures?

We already have a spiralling upward direction towards developmental maturation of mutually complementing individuals for the national interest. They are existing, and they are ours.

We already have an existing national developmental code for sustainability when we were born as a nation. This is a natural inheritance of every living entity at whatever level. This is also accompanied with weaknesses and imbalances with an inherent balancing mechanism towards stability thru the process of maturation. This occurrence remains in motion until an intervention takes place which is not part of the organic process. This organic process occurred in France, Germany, Finland, Israel, Japan and Vietnam. Today they have some of the highest scores in global performance in their particular categories. We were heading in that direction when we were born as a nation in 1898 when we became independent from Spain. We were in the process of sustaining our excellence and addressing our sociological imbalances. This, we were struggling to settle among ourselves under a condition of a sovereign, independent and republican nation. We, conflicting among ourselves as we were, were charting our national destiny as a filipino nation, just like any newly born living entity struggling towards balance and proper coordination of the different parts of it's body.


Weak as we were, being a newly born nation, foreign matters who happened to be americans, invaded us. Weak as we were, we resisted fiercely. Thus in 1899, our sociological temperature rose which was the manifestation of the start of the Filipino-American War.

Gen Artemio Ricarte, Gen Antonio Luna, Gen Malvar, Gen Macario Sakay, Maj Torres Bugallón and all our elder warriors, our national heroes resisted fiercely our foreign invaders and their filipino collaborators who have been grabbing our newly born nation of 1898 away from us starting from 1899 up to now. Our foreign invaders damaged the development of our code of nationalism by:
  • having suppressed, terrorized, and killed those nationalistic filipinos among us who resisted their invasion by which 500,000 to 900,000 of us filipinos died initially at the physical stage of invasion;
  • having protected, promoted and sustained filipino collaborators among us, of foreign invasion;
  • having replaced our inherited institutions such as academia militar, defense, education, political, culture, hero designations, legal, national identity and values with apparently filipino but having transmitted into them a corrupted and replicating developmental code of worshipping dependence on our foreign invaders.
The enemies have replicated their forces at the cultural level which broke our link with each other.

Today, we have a group of islands which happen to have a boundary inhabited by different individuals with interests conflicting with one another. These result to dysfuntion of the different systems of our nation that the only way these individuals have been able to survive was the handing over of the interest of the nation to the foreign invaders and receive material rewards. We have leaders dysfuntioning because of interest of self is in conflict with national interest. We have a security system which has likewise been infected and now dysfuntioning because the interests of individual members are also in conflict with national interest. We have individuals populating our archipelago whose interests are in conflict with the people of the nation as a whole. Our individual interests in exchange for the destroying of each other with what is left of the nation still in existense is in a spiralling downward direction.


From the aforementioned situation, it is clear that the continued imprisonment of Gen Danilo Lim and the patriotic soldiers, has no moral ethical basis. It is based on the GMA Government prevention of the status quo from being dismantled by the defending forces of our nation.

This battle is, tactical for those who want to preserve the status quo. This battle is also tactical for those among us who have a clear ethical basis for our actions regarding this issue. This is ethical for those among us who still have love for our nation and sincerely want to have a moral ethical basis for our actions.

Let us disseminate this knowledge to our brother filipinos so that we can have a moral ethical basis on who should we defend.


We have long lived to serve the needs of the flesh of our self and maybe that of our family. But now we know we can live beyond this. Gen Danilo Lim and the patriotic soldiers among us who are in prison or who have escaped, long to come home. But that home is beyond the personal homes. It is the home for all of us homesick filipinos. Like good soldiers among us, who see to it that no one is left behind, we now regard self as the big brother or big sister for the filipino people to find our home for us. We can have a nation where we can live in dignity. And we actually have a nation. We inherited it. We only have to recover what has been deprived us.

Let us work for this. Let us recover our own nation for every one of us filipinos. It will be a very long day! But we have a nation we can come home to. We will be home, brothers!


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José Miguel García