American Brutality Against Filipino

This is a first hand account of the attrocities committed by our benevolent and protector superiors during the time they were laying the foundation of our becoming a people under their protection.  It was written by José Mario Alas in Spanish in his blogsite "Alas Filipinas".  I am sharing it in the Google Chrome generated English translation format for the benefit of the victims of the developmental Heredity Injuring Virus transmitted by the north americans who corrupted our organic national communication system by replacing it with their language- English language.  I am also one of the victims.


American brutality against Filipino

Tomas Mascardo (October 9, 1871 - July 7, 1932) was a rebel at the Philippine revolt against the Spanish and later became a military general in the Philippine Revolution against the WASP Invaders. He has commanded many battles against the Spanish and lead revolutionary forces in the provinces of Pampanga, Bataan (particularly in Bagacwhich had barracks), and Zambales.

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In this article, I present the following letter from General Mascardo on the three systems of torture used against our ancestors by the American invaders. Mascardo (also was a governor of Cavite and a teacher at the Normal School in Manila) wrote this to denounce the brutalities of the WASP Invaders when they invaded and occupied our country:
In Manila and provinces, governed in all its rigor of martial law. Were tortured, that were unthinkable in a civilized army.
THE TORMENT OF WATER was twofold. One was to tie the hands of the person to whom it was subject to execution, after which it is placed flat on your back. Once in this position, he introduced a cylindrical iron between the jaws, thus forcing you to keep your mouth wide open.Then a lot of water poured through the larynx and nasal passages even kill the unfortunate patient choking or force him to make any statement that at least justify the detention which had been subjected.
The other kind is practiced as follows: fijábase a single pulley in an arc up over a pit of water. She was suspended from the tormented his feet up and down rapidly until it soak in water for a longer or shorter period as the patient's resistance, after which he was again to soak up again to get these results above.
THE TORMENT OF WHIPS: was hitting the suspect with the barrel and the butt of the rifle in the chest, abdomen and all the most sensitive parts of the body. If this was not enough to force him to accept the accusation made against him, he held down a column and began to lash him with thorny vines to rip the meat and see all those shattered, hermorragia died while in the midst of hellish pain.
THE TORMENT OF THE SUN: ducrante was to spend the day at hard labor to the alleged offender in the American barracks square, suffering, bareheaded, and threatening the scorching rays of the tropical sun, without giving a drop of water even after meals.

Notably, although Mascardo also fought against Spain, he wrote nothing libelous against their Spanish enemies for the simple reason that the Spanish military were not demonic in comparison with their counterparts in WASP Invaders.

While the "Benevolent Assimilation" ...


José Miguel García said ...
When the Philippines was still under Spain, the movement to separate from Mother Spain was a revolution and revolutionaries were the people involved. When we became separated from Spain and became a sovereign nation, the movement to drive away the north americans is a defense operation and the people involved are the defenders or defense forces.  Because it was already a war, it is the Filipino-American War.  The north american invaders are then the invaders, aggressors, or aggressor forces.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Can I repost this in my blogsite and in facebook via the internet but in English generated translation for the benefit of the victims of the developmental Hereditary Injuring Virus transmitted by the north americans?  Actually I am also one of the victims.  That is why I can not read in Spanish the way our forefathers could.  That is why I need this language to still  be translated into the language of our enemy.
PEPE ALAS said ...
Oo Naaman, compadre. Iyo ay puedeng puede ipública ito sa blog mo.  Basta icao hindi mo na cailañgang magpaalam pa. =)