How can we when we do not even have the capability to recognize foreigners already embedded in the nucleus of our economic, political, and educational systems?  The nucleus of these aforementioned systems determine the direction of development of our nation.  Next situation we need to settle is to determine if we still have a nation and not a corporation being a milking cow of the foreigners in control of our nation.

As of 2012 October 20, the Philippine Government as in the past, failed to formulate an effective Anti-Money Laundering Law.  It was due to in 2001, when the chinese compelled the Philippine Government to remove tax evasion as one of the crimes covered by the Anti-Money Laundering Law.  This has blocked our efforts in regulating the manner of paying taxes for effective and equitable financial sustainability.  The Philippine Government adjusted the law according to what the chinese wanted.

Today and here, what has been the result when as of 2007, between 80,000 to 100,000 chinese have been moving covertly inside our main homeland?  These do not include those who have already gained access to having legalized their status.  They have been able to continue taking over of our banking system, building construction system, rice distribution system, real estate development, airline industry, retail industry, etc..  They have been rendering us impotent in solving the chronic rice shortage for decades.  Now they have been taking over development of our education thru Asia Pacific College, UE, Centro Escolar University, etc.?  What has been the result?

We talk of boycotting chinese products.  Can we do this as a nation when it is the chinese who control what products should be distributed in and out of our country?

They have developed a situation where in our military, police, and political officials have been locked in under their social and economic influence to provide them protection and access to having legal status of control of our resources and development.

HIVirus is a foreign inorganic cell that invades and embeds in a cell of an immune system of a biological entity.  It escapes detection by the immune system because it hides behind the identity or DNA of the host immune cell.  It is the DNA of a biological entity that regulates all behavior of all cells of that entity.  For as long as the HIVirus is not detected in the host cell of the host entity, the virus takes over the host cell, kills it and moves in to another immune cell and repeats the process until all immune cells are dead.  With no more immune cells, the biological entity is already open to all invading  pathogenic agents, until the entity is bled of all resources and dies.

In our case, our Determinant of National Attributes which is the social developmental DNA of a nation has been altered long ago after foreigners occupied our nation not long after we were born as a nation in 1898.  Because of that, the different systems of our nation developed with an altered DNA synthesized according to the requirements of the foreign occupants of our nation.  It is this process that we filipinos lost our identity and direction of development according to the direction set by the founding fathers of our nation.

That is why any strengthening of the military supposed to be of our nation is only for the security requirements of foreigners in control of our nation.  Unless we recover the cause of why we filipinos are superior individuals and even more superior as servants of these foreigners, what ever qualities however excellent they may be that we perceive to have, are only for the benefit of foreigners and for the alienation of our people further from our original nation of 1898.

For us to recover, let us derive that DNA developed in our embryonic stage by two of the ancestors of our national development:  Jose Rizal and Gen Artemio Ricarte. 

Gen Ricarte prepared a position paper which stated that chinese should be banned from business and banking.

A document was shown Jose Rizal to which he drew attention to the fact that he was incorrectly described as a chinese mestizo, saying that he was an "indio puro." Rizal further declared: “I do not agree. This is unjust! Here it says that I am a half-breed, and it isn’t true! I am a pure Filipino!” In a letter to his mother, Jose Rizal wrote: “I had a lawsuit with the Chinese and I vowed not to buy any more from them, so that sometimes I find myself very hard up. Now we have almost neither dishes nor tumblers.” Edgar Wickberg, who wrote "The Chinese in Philippine Life 1850-1898" said that in 1895, while in exile in Dapitan in Mindanao, in the southern Philippines, Jose Rizal was filled with righteous indignation at the “exploitation” of the natives by the Chinese traders, and appealed to the local residents to boycott the Chinese shops. He also opened a small sari-sari store to compete against the Chinese. Nick Joaquin, the late Philippine cultural icon, even praised Rizal’s actions: “And because Chinese financiers had a stranglehold on native agriculture, Rizal set up the Cooperative Association of Dapitan Farmers, a pioneer in economic nationalism.

If we have recovered our original DNA, we will have recovered our reason to exist as a nation.  Only then can we have the right direction in mounting a defense of our nation.

Jose Miguel Garcia