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Jose Miguel Garcia



The following is the report by The Commission on the Filipino Language (Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino) on the relationship of the use of the term 'Filipinas' to the recovery of unity of the whole nation as based on history, logic and the constitution.  Following the report is an observation regarding the report.  To read the whole and original of the aforementioned report from inquirer.net, click the next group of extracts:   

From ‘Pilipinas’ to ‘Filipinas’


1 WHY go back to “Filipinas?”

There are three reasons behind the Board of Commissioners Resolution No. 13-19 (April 12, 2012) of the Commission on the Filipino Language or Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF):

First, history. There are now three forms of the name of our country.

Filipinas, the name given by Ruy López de Villalobos in 1548 and used officially by Miguel López de Legazpi when he established the Spanish colony beginning 1565, which was used continuously for 300 years until the time of Rizal and Bonifacio, and again used as the name of the first Asian republic—the “Republica Filipinas” established in Malolos in 1898.

“Philippines,” the name used by the Americans when they entered our country in 1898 and officially used by the Constitution of 1936 and up to the current Constitution of 1987.

“Pilipinas,” used starting around 1941 when the abakada without the F was promoted for general usage and continued as the translation of Filipinas and Philippines in works and documents written in the Pilipino language (which was the name given in 1959 to the national language using the abakada).

Second, language change and development. In the 1973 Constitution,  it was stated that “Filipino” instead of Pilipino should be the name of the national language.

This was restated in the 1987 Constitution, together with the proposed modernization and enrichment of the national language by way of the native languages.

The first step in this language change was the eschewing of the abakada and the promotion and spread of the alpabeto with the additional letters C, F, J, Ñ, Q, V, X and Z.

Now that the national language has an F and is called Filipino, isn’t it simply logical to restore Filipinas and gradually  discourage the use of Pilipinas?

Third, to be consistent with the method of using the eight additional letters in the Ortograpiyang Pambansa (National Orthography) being promoted by the KWF.

This is the first comprehensive examination of the new alphabet and should be read closely by users of the the Filipino language and other native languages.

The case of Filipinas is ...

 ... it is also a symbol of the linkage and union of the barangay, tribes and islands of our archipelago.

Before Filipinas, what Legazpi referred to as Indios were a disjointed, scattered lot. He colonized us but also gave us a first means toward national unity.

On the other hand, it is rather difficult to say that just calling our country Pilipinas is already nationalistic. This happened merely because of ...
The succeeding report is an observation regarding the preceeding report.  This is based on the developmental intercourse of our nation as the basis for our nationhood.

If we reject the way our founding fathers pronounced our nation, we reject the way they acted towards our nation as a result of their development.  If we reject their action towards our nation as a result of their development, we reject their development.  If we reject their development, we do not anymore recognize them but somebody else.  Since these somebody else are not the ones who came into existense thru our historical development, these so called founding fathers are not anymore real but synthetics.  Therefore, if the founding fathers of our nation we recognize are already synthetics, the nation we recognize today as founded by synthetic founding fathers is also synthetic.  If the nation we recognize today is synthetic, what kind of people of this nation do we have today then?

If the nation we recognize today is synthetic, how can we have love for it?  If the nation we recognize today is already synthetic, how can it produce a people that is organic the way our nation of the 1900s was founded by our organic founding fathers?  How then can we have bond with our real founding fathers?  And how then can we have bond for a people already a product of a nation founded by people who are already synthetic?  The only bond we have then is only thru a piece of paper.  With only a piece of paper devoid of flesh and blood developed thru history, how can a bond with a people that is part of our Determinant of National Actions directing us for generations, be ever formed?  Without it, how can we have a functioning social order such as that of an organic nation?

How then, can we have a nation with people acting cohesively for the life of our nation and  not individually to the detriment of such nation?  What we have been experiencing after the mid 1900s are the abandonment of the nation for the pleasure of the self and family.  This was the time our developmental defenses against the north americans of the United States invaders have finally been dismantled.  This was the time our developmental defenses against the chinese creeping invaders of our economy have finally been dismantled as a result of U.S. blocking of our efforts to wrest control of it from them.  It was then that our Determinant of National Actions in our political, economic, defense, and educational systems have been severely corrupted by these foreigners who have taken over control of direction of development of those systems.

Is it still a wonder that after the mid 1900s until today, our archipelago has become the breeding place for corruption, littering of wastes, taking advantage of the weaker by the stronger, destruction of our mountains and forests, mass exile to foreign lands, all legitimized for individual and family survival?  Is it still a wonder that those among us who act to correct the deviation that occured along our organic development to recover the nation we inherited from our founding fathers in the form of recovering our clean environment, our original forest lands, our real independence, our original resources, our sovereignty, and our original DNA are identified as the ones who are deviants?

If we are to recover from a corrupted DNA of a people that we are today, let us recover that love of nation we had as a people united in the 1900s.  If we are to recover that love of nation we had as a people united and determined at the cost of our individual and family life in the 1900s, let us recover that development of the founding fathers of our nation that directed them to act towards our nation the way they did.

Jose Miguel Garcia




From identifying ourselves with our nation in the 1900s when we were a newly born nation, we had reverted back to identifying ourselves with only ourselves, our family, or our clan just like when we were not yet a nation before the 1600s.  An indication of how we identified ourselves with our nation was demonstrated in a letter by Ellis G. Davis, Company A, 20th Kansas about us in the 1900s: "They will never surrender until their whole race is exterminated. They are fighting for a good cause, and the Americans should be the last of all nations to transgress upon such rights. Their independence is dearer to them than life,…".[i]

Today, the north americans of the United States continue to violate our nationhood.  The difference is that today, we filipinos continue to defend their violation.


In the 1960s, the United States of the north americans provided landing facilities inside their base here in the Philippines to the Air Force of Great Britain during our manifested dispute against the latter over our territory of Sabah.[ii]

There is now a US military base inside the camp of the AFP Western Mindanao Command yet the AFP has no control over it.  Filipino soldiers among us do not have access inside without permit from the U.S. occupational forces.  As of this day, we have no control of foreigners like the north americans of the United States on what they do in our own country.  The senate rejection of the U.S. bases in the Philippines in 1991 is only true within our minds.  But they are not true beyond our minds.[iii]   
On July 2002, a filipino among us, Buyong-buyong Isnijal was shot by US Sgt. Reggie Lane in Tuburan, Basilan.[iv] 

In November 30, 2007, north american occupational forces led by Master Sgt. Ronburg ordered the staff of the Panamao District Hospital in Panamao, Sulu, to shut down operations after sundown, threatening to shoot us if they did not follow his orders.  Filipino military officers among us were impotent in leading our forces to defend us filipinos in that part of the country against such violation of our nationhood.  This deprived 40,000 among us filipinos of that area, of medical care every night for around one month.[v] 

The commission on human rights and the Sulu Desk reported on the involvement of US troops in the wanton carnage and absolute mayhem of 9 filipinos which included a Philippine Army soldier on vacation, a pregnant woman, a four year old child, and a nine year old child in Ipil, Maimbung, Sulu on Feb. 4, 2008.  The provincial governor denounced this atrocity.[vi] [vii] [viii] 

A certain filipino military official of Western Mindanao Command admitted that he disapproves the practice of higher-ranking filipino officials among us saluting lower ranking US troops or acting as bodyguards for them.[ix]  Another filipino official among us, Philipine Navy Lt Gadian also told the media that US troops behavior towards filipino soldiers even of higher rank is that of a human master towards a dog.[x] 


Under these circumstances is the official mission of the U.S. military in the Philippines today: to train us filipino soldiers hardened for decades of combat against  terrorists in a jungle, in a hot and humid tropical environment, home-ground of the latter who have also been veterans as well as slippery in fighting and most notably, have been products of CIA directed: recruitment; training; funding; and combat experience in engaging soviet paratroopers in the deserts and mountains of Afghanistan during the U.S. caused Afghan-Soviet War.[xi] [xii] What combat skills, techniques and tactics will the U.S. soldiers with less experience in these types of combat and terrain than we have as we have been directly involved with for decades, can they teach us?[xiii] [xiv]

In Vietnam, they lost.  In Afghanistan, they were never generally engaged in the daily face to face battles in every corner of the local terrain.[xv]  In Iraq, they engaged their enemies with heavy reliance on massive technology and firepower only after they have softened defenders in their homegrounds after they have intervened in the domestic social affairs processes.  Aside from local insurgents with which their original motive they corrupted, the U.S. also transmitted local insurgent looking foreigners to increase the strength of the local insurgents.  It is these insurgents who were generally engaged in the daily face to face battles in every corner of the physical and social terrain with the enemies of the United States of the north americans.  What they achieved in the middle east was they were able to destroy their supposedly military enemies only after they have destroyed the whole of the nation of their enemies.  It is this whole nation who happened to be the collateral damage- a term they very often used conveniently.  Therefor, it is not so much the combat techniques and tactics, that they can teach us.  Rather, it is their brand of military strategy- the whole of the subject nation being destroyed in order to destroy the subject enemy, that they can teach.  The Abu Sayyaf issue is just one of the results of the CIA creation of religious fighters from muslim regions including Mindanao to fight a proxy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan.  Based on U.S. media reports themselves, Abu Sayyaf has a relationship with Al Qaeda which the U.S. created to fight a proxy war in Afghanistan.[xvi] [xvii] [xviii] [xix] [xx]


A brother filipino, Gregan Cardeño was recruited as a security guard with Skylink Security and General Services, an agency based in Zamboanga City and a subcontractor of DynCorp International, a contractor of the US military.  On Jan. 30, 2010, he signed a contract with the agency to work as a security guard for the American military personnel assigned to the Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines (JSOTF-P) in Maguindanao.  However, on Feb. 1, 2010, Gregan was brought to the JSOTF-P military barracks of the north american of the United States occupying the Philippine Army’s 103rd Battalion Headquarters in Camp Ranao, Marawi City, to work not as a security guard but as an “interpreter” for the US troops.   On Feb. 3, 2010, inside the U.S. facility in Marawi City, Gregan was reported to have died.  The local police, headed by one SPO3 Ali Rangiris, told Carivel, the sister of Gregan, that when he arrived at the scene of the incident, he found the body of Gregan on the floor and the area already “contaminated.”  Filipino investigators have been blocked by the north americans of the United States occupational forces in Mindanao to conduct investigation inside their facility.  Capt Javier Ignacio of the Western Mindanao Command helped the family of Cardeño in the investigation.  On March 25, 2010, Capt Ignacio was gunned down by unknown motorcycle-riding gunmen in March just before he was about to execute an affidavit regarding his knowledge about the circumstances of the death.[xxi] 

A filipina hidden from the public by the name of Nicole, was gang-raped by members of the United States Marine Corps in Subic in 2005.  The case however was dismissed inspite of the overwhelming evidences.[xxii]  Another filipina whose name was hidden was raped by a north american in Makati in April 2009.  But due to fear of ending up like another case of Nicole, she did not charge her rapist in court.[xxiii]

Are we already independent?  Except for Carlos Garcia, we never had any president who could not be controlled by the United States of North America and stay long as president.[xxiv]  All these presidents are products of U.S. tampered development of our educational system.  The guns are the tools of the north americans to destroy our defenses and control our archipelago.  The English language is the tool of the north americans to destroy our identity and control our minds.[xxv]
This U.S. control of our Determinant of National Attributes is the cause of why despite of our Asian neighbors having already overtaken us in defense status today, despite of our having had an excellent defense system in 1898 up to the early 1900s having been able to militarily maneuver for years against being caught, locked, and controlled by the world power U.S. aggressor forces until they resorted to massive kidnapping and extermination of the civilians among us, and despite of decades of U.S. pumping of military aid, training, guidance, and tutelage to us, we are still dependent on U.S. and impotent in defending our nation against foreign invaders today.
Are we not an occupied nation by the United States of the north americans?

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Relationship between Muslims and Christians among us filipinos has always been precarious since the 1500s up to the 1800s.  The only link between us was our having become a nation-colony by the actions of the Spanish Government in Manila.  However the link which the Spanish Government had, being the governing body linking all peoples within the boundaries accomplished by the former, was implementing government policies in the South.  Such policies implemented were only small in proportion to the daily lives of the people in the South.  The bigger interaction was more on the military operations.  Although some of the stages of Spanish-Muslim Mindanao political interaction were also from cordial, to recognition of Spanish Government authority with some resistance.

During the revolution, there were efforts on the part of the revolutionary filipinos in the north to reset relationship with the muslims in the south for the purpose of uniting as one nation.  There was no indication of a mutual effort on the part of the Muslim leadership in the South.

This process was a continuing one as we were heading towards our birth as a new nation that is independent of Spain.  When we were born as a new nation in 1898, we were somehow a premature baby, needing an organic intensive process of development to catch-up normal development.

However, it was the north americans of the United States who made efforts to abort that birth by their invasion.  Since we were already born, the foreign invaders made efforts this time to abort the organic intensive process of development.  And one of those extensive efforts the U.S. invaders did was the divide and rule strategy.  They divided us into classes and regions.  One of those stroke of genius divide and rule strategy was the Bates Agreement synthesized by the north americans of the United States. 

Whatever efforts we started, to unite with our Muslim brothers in the South as a more responsive and sensitive move than that of our former government- the Spanish Government, was aborted by the U.S..

After this, division between Christian filipinos in the north and central, and Muslim filipinos in the south have become our Determinant of National Attributes up to the present.

This is the reason why today, our relationship between brother filipino Muslims among us in the South and brother Christians among us in North and Central, have been generally, ambivalent

It did not improve when the U.S. Government in the 1900s blocked our efforts to defend or recover our economic bases from take-over by the chinese creeping invaders in the Philippines. 

This, we must be clear about, is the underlying cause.

That is why we must be clear in who are real filipinos and who are those alien invaders attaching within our filipino Determinant of National Attributes injuring our inherited DNA as Heredity Injuring Virus.  By the U.S. blocking of our efforts to take over from them control of our economic bases in the 1900s, they have today become powerful to acquire legitimacy of ownership of our lands, and control of direction of development of our nation.  By this process these alien invaders are able to pass as filipinos and even take over control of our Determinant of National Attributes.  By this process, we filipinos are unable to identify them as foreign entities.  This is the reason why today, the chinese have not only taken over control of our economic bases, they, like the Cojuangcos, Lucio Tan, Henry Sy, Lucio Co, have already taken over control of direction of development of our political, defense, and education.  That is why Noynoy Aquino Cojuangco is able to continue this process of Alienation Impotency Dependency Syndrome of our nation and we are unable to respond the normal way other well developed nations like the israelis, germans, french, japanese, and vietnamese do before a similar situation.

This process of our national pathological development must be exposed and reversed.

There is no better time to reverse this process of U.S. tampering with the DNA of our Muslim-Christian unity than today.  There is no better opportune time to let our efforts in unity our founding fathers started than today.  There is no better opportune time than a renewal of blood-compact among long separated brothers, not in a foreign land like Kuala Lumpur, but in our own land- Sabah.

Jose Miguel Garcia