Relationship between Muslims and Christians among us filipinos has always been precarious since the 1500s up to the 1800s.  The only link between us was our having become a nation-colony by the actions of the Spanish Government in Manila.  However the link which the Spanish Government had, being the governing body linking all peoples within the boundaries accomplished by the former, was implementing government policies in the South.  Such policies implemented were only small in proportion to the daily lives of the people in the South.  The bigger interaction was more on the military operations.  Although some of the stages of Spanish-Muslim Mindanao political interaction were also from cordial, to recognition of Spanish Government authority with some resistance.

During the revolution, there were efforts on the part of the revolutionary filipinos in the north to reset relationship with the muslims in the south for the purpose of uniting as one nation.  There was no indication of a mutual effort on the part of the Muslim leadership in the South.

This process was a continuing one as we were heading towards our birth as a new nation that is independent of Spain.  When we were born as a new nation in 1898, we were somehow a premature baby, needing an organic intensive process of development to catch-up normal development.

However, it was the north americans of the United States who made efforts to abort that birth by their invasion.  Since we were already born, the foreign invaders made efforts this time to abort the organic intensive process of development.  And one of those extensive efforts the U.S. invaders did was the divide and rule strategy.  They divided us into classes and regions.  One of those stroke of genius divide and rule strategy was the Bates Agreement synthesized by the north americans of the United States. 

Whatever efforts we started, to unite with our Muslim brothers in the South as a more responsive and sensitive move than that of our former government- the Spanish Government, was aborted by the U.S..

After this, division between Christian filipinos in the north and central, and Muslim filipinos in the south have become our Determinant of National Attributes up to the present.

This is the reason why today, our relationship between brother filipino Muslims among us in the South and brother Christians among us in North and Central, have been generally, ambivalent

It did not improve when the U.S. Government in the 1900s blocked our efforts to defend or recover our economic bases from take-over by the chinese creeping invaders in the Philippines. 

This, we must be clear about, is the underlying cause.

That is why we must be clear in who are real filipinos and who are those alien invaders attaching within our filipino Determinant of National Attributes injuring our inherited DNA as Heredity Injuring Virus.  By the U.S. blocking of our efforts to take over from them control of our economic bases in the 1900s, they have today become powerful to acquire legitimacy of ownership of our lands, and control of direction of development of our nation.  By this process these alien invaders are able to pass as filipinos and even take over control of our Determinant of National Attributes.  By this process, we filipinos are unable to identify them as foreign entities.  This is the reason why today, the chinese have not only taken over control of our economic bases, they, like the Cojuangcos, Lucio Tan, Henry Sy, Lucio Co, have already taken over control of direction of development of our political, defense, and education.  That is why Noynoy Aquino Cojuangco is able to continue this process of Alienation Impotency Dependency Syndrome of our nation and we are unable to respond the normal way other well developed nations like the israelis, germans, french, japanese, and vietnamese do before a similar situation.

This process of our national pathological development must be exposed and reversed.

There is no better time to reverse this process of U.S. tampering with the DNA of our Muslim-Christian unity than today.  There is no better opportune time to let our efforts in unity our founding fathers started than today.  There is no better opportune time than a renewal of blood-compact among long separated brothers, not in a foreign land like Kuala Lumpur, but in our own land- Sabah.

Jose Miguel Garcia


Anonymous said...

We're not that far away from losing M'nao. In a couple of generations, that island would ceased to be Philippine. There are forces far superior than our Manila government at work in ensuring that M'nao becomes independent. Crazy and corrupt as he is, Erap speaks the truth about that island. He believes he was removed from power because of his militaristic stance against this open rebellion. Just look at the parties that worked for this so called peace talks, the US and the Malaysian, in no way these two are non partisan. Something's up and if continue our blind obedience towards the Americans we'll not only lose a major island, we;ll one day lose the country.

josé miguel said...

withonespast, in the first place, if majority of us so called filipinos were to be asked: "What is it to be a nation Philippines?", would it be something that clearly differentiates our nation from that of foreigners? Or would it be a definition that has something to do at all with sovereignty or with which we sons of this land owning it and charting our own destiny? If sovereignty or ownership is not part of that definition, then losing Mindanao or our whole country for that matter cannot be identified as a problem. In fact losing our nation to the north americans of the United States, the chinese, the malaysians and the english as what has become our status after we lost it to the U.S. invaders in the mid 1900s has never been considered as a problem to many of us so called filipinos. It is all in the concept of nationhood by a people. It is merely a product of development of our concept and perception as a product of our educational system.