To the Children of the Prisoners Of War & the Hunted under the GMA Assumed Government


Your heroes are not mutineers—a deception concocted by an intruding government. Who is the lawful authority they rebelled against? Is it the one whose only claim to legitimacy is the prevention of presentation of evidences of the GMA involvement in the tampering of the 2004 presidential election results in an investigation?

Your heroes are not coup plotters—a deception concocted by an intruding government. What has a coup got to do with our being continuously occupied by the Americans today since 1899 when they begun to invade us? The Americans have poured their toxic wastes in the Subic, Zambales area which resulted to rare diseases to our children there. They raped our Filipinas freely. They continue to conduct military exercises in our terrain to familiarize in an area strategically valuable to them. This makes us Filipinos, even more militarily vulnerable to the Americans. What has a coup got to do with the continued subtle invasion of the Chinese of our economic areas from the 1900s till now also as a result of that American invasion of 1899. There are Americans like Capt David Fagen, Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie and many others who defected on our side or have fought for the rights of nations which their own nation have abused. There are Chinese or Chinese meztizos in the Philippines such as Herman Tiu Laurel, Alejandro Lichauco and Gen Danilo Lim in the Philippines who: came here with legitimate purpose; fought for the cause of our liberation as a Filipino nation-- they are more Filipinos than the collaborator GMA, the congressmen for sale or Filipino mercenaries in the Armed Forces. They are either assets or added treasures of our nation. In the past, the Spanish blood in the veins of our heroes like Andrés Bonifacio and Fr. José Burgos did not deter them from confronting the Spaniards by having organized an independence movement for us and upheld our status and rights. For details and references of this information, see my post at http://jmgpatria.blogspot.com/2009/06/developmental-basis.html and http://jmgpatria.blogspot.com/2009/06/chinese-invasion-continues.html.

Thru all these invasion, GMA has been collaborating. Is this not treason? What has a coup got to do with arresting the perpetration of the acts of treason? Is this not the duty of every soldier of a nation? Is defending the nation against foreign invasion not the essence of the profession of a soldier?

In more healthy and civilized nations like France, Israel, Japan and Vietnam, their soldiers professional as they are, would have spontaneously mounted a fierce resistance against foreign invaders and their collaborators. Gen Charles de Gaulle of France is one example of having led the resistance against the German invasion and the French puppet government of the Germans, Petain. A few years after that, he had the US base in France removed.

But we Filipinos also have a tradition of warriors who resisted the American invaders of 1899. To name a few, Gen Ricarte, Gen Antonio Luna, Gen Alejandrino, Gen Tino, Gen Lukban, Gen Malvar, Gen Sakay, and Maj Torres Bugallon. They offered their lives to leave as a nation born in 1898 and one we can come home to as our own. This is the fine tradition inherited by professional filipino soldiers among us today. They are, as all of us filipinos should be, continuing that unfinished fight to recover our inherited nation.

Your heroes are continuing that fight, so that we can all soon come, to our own home.

Your heroes are our heroes too! Please tell your classmates.

José Miguel García


BGen Lim: For what is right, for what is true, for what is just.

Message of Brig Gen Danilo Lim delivered by Mrs Aloi Lim at the Stop Con-Ass rally in Makati, June 10, 2009.


Alas Filipinas: La Constitución Política De Malolos

This is our original constitution written in it's original language.

This should be the reference in establishing the spirit behind the constitution. The spirit behind this constitution must have been the spirit of our nation which was at that time still uncorrupted by the process of infection which resulted to an American Imperialism Defilipinization Syndrome. This is an aftermath of our weakened resistance against the American invasion of 1899. There are always nuances of meanings between a translated version and the version in the original language. This is because languages do not have exact equivalent words for each other. This would result to meanings already different from the intended meaning as written in the original language.

In fact many of our documents, records and literature were written in Spanish. These are records of our past. Without records of our past, we do not have access to our common origin as a nation. Without our common origin as a nation, we do not have a common identity. Without a common identity, we do not have anything to do with each other as a nation except as 80,000,ooo co-inhabitants of a land: organized as artificially as a state; and of survival of the fittest. One of these valuable documents of our past, is our original national constitution.

The question now is, "Why was this replaced?".

José Miguel García

Filipino Biz: Malolos Constitution

This is our constitution, an organic product of our independence from Spain of 1898. It was sealed by our congress in 1899, January 20. It is not a museum artifact. This is one of the foundations of our Filipino Identity.

The rest of the labeled Philippine constitutions have already been manufactured under conditions of the aftermath of our having been attacked and invaded by the Americans in 1899, February 4. Under pressure from civilization, the Americans granted us (as if they have the right to grant anything which does not belong to them) a ceremony of independence which was even documented for legitimacy purposes. But before that ceremonial grant, the Americans saw to it that we were already matured subjects of American imperialism. It is a specialized form of the general terms, invasion and occupation. It is a more subtle form of invasion and occupation. Of course it is still invasion and occupation. But before we could be willing subjects, our natural defense system had to be destroyed. But before it could be destroyed, our reason for defending, had to be destroyed. What is our reason for defending if not for our nation. What is our nation if not for our national identity. That, had to be destroyed!

And so the Americans replaced our Academia Militar, our military organization, political organization, national language, culture, history, education system, our warrior heroes resisting their invasion, our constitution and every system of our national life with their Constabulary Academy, a unit they labeled as the Philippine Constabulary, pool of collaborating political leaders, English language, American culture, American history and Filipino history as written by the Americans, American education, a hero image they developed for the Philippines who is merely a non-warrior reformist and has been dead before the American invasion, American Constitution and the American system of national life. It was a foreign system transmitted to attach within our national system designed to corrupt our national genetic code to destroy our defenses caused by the corruption of all codes responsible for our own unique way of identifying our selves and responding to situation for our sustainability. It resulted to our having been cut off with our origins as a nation. Having been cut off, our identity ceased to exist. With no identity, our national defense ceased to exist. Our love for our nation ceased to exist. A symptom of this today is the lack of love of majority of us Filipinos for our nation in a nationalistic way and not just in a pragmatic and self-interest way. This includes the lack of love of people who have access to power for our nation leading to abuse of the Filipino people. These are the circumstances upon which most of our political, legal, defense, education and the rest of our institutional behavior have been developed. This includes the formulation of our constitution.

This is the American transmission of Heredity Injuring Virus into our systems. It was confirmed in 1946, July 4.

This is the general foreground of our Malolos Constitution. There was an older constitution but it was limited to the Tagalog Region and not to the whole nation.

Any contribution especially as to information on how and why it was discarded and replaced, is most welcomed.

José Miguel García



A report on the state of our C-130, by CPT JEONEL S POGOY, PAF


Senator Trillanes IV Paper on The Baseline Issue

yuka2888 video: Undated Interview of CAPT NICANOR FAELDON, PN(M)

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Publication of Criteria For Choosing Post for Philippine Marines Commandant


We are looking for a published comparative study on legitimate contenders to the post of Commandant, Philippine Marines.

This concern is in light of the impending vacating of the post most probably within a month as of this date. Though there are other marine officers more qualified than Gen Martir, developments in the past months seem to indicate that Martir would be the choice of GMA. This concern is based on the article of Ellen Tordesillas posted in Malaya on May 18, 2009. It is based on his derogatory record of AWOL for more than a year. This even makes him unqualified as a legitimate contender. But then again, legitimacy issues have become complicated and has mutated into a life of its own in our country. These would need another entry for posting. It is also based on a vision for our Philippine Marines to be led by someone who has the capability to turn it into a world class fighting force in terms of:

  1. responsiveness to the welfare of the civilians it is supposed to serve;

  2. discipline in combat and within the human social environment;

  3. hitting with precision the enemy without damaging the non-enemy, the civilians as well as the environment;

  4. creative and effective utilization of limited as well as indigenous resources;

  5. related to the former, non-dependence on technology and firepower that is beyond the financial capability of our Nation yet, effective in real combat;

  6. ensuring the combat effectiveness of the unit at its most basic level- the individual, unarmed marine;

  7. and above all, able to identify itself with, the Filipino people as self, as against the foreign invader as the enemy

This must also include, combat experiences.

In the proposed comparative study, is/are the contenders/contender with his/their name/names, witheld but whose credentials and capbilities are real and verifiable.

This is in the highest interest of the Filipino marines among us whose source of reason for being a Filipino marine is in the assurance of being in the most profesional, toughest, most battle tested and above all, most able to accomplish its mission. It is in the assurance that the marines are led by the most respected, most battle experienced and most able to accomplish its mission kind of leader that, the whole unit will also able to replicate the characteristics of the said leader. It is the respect of the people that the Filipino marine is able to go thru the toughest of conditions even unto death.

This is in the highest interest of the Filipino soldiers among us who could be assured with the knowledge of having for a partner in combat operations, a unit that is top in professionalism index, its compatriots feel safe with, foreign nations respect, and foreign enemies can be eliminated before fear could take over them.

Above all, this is in the highest interest of us the Filipino people because we are paying with our hard earned money for the maintenance of the Philippine Marines as for other military units also. We deserve no less than the best service to protect us Filipinos. We do not deserve our money being spent to for a unit being nothing but a burden to us as well as a threat to our lives. We do not deserve a unit who protects the foreigners who control our resources and destroys us supposedly brother Filipinos.

José Miguel Garcia