Alas Filipinas: La Constitución Política De Malolos

This is our original constitution written in it's original language.

This should be the reference in establishing the spirit behind the constitution. The spirit behind this constitution must have been the spirit of our nation which was at that time still uncorrupted by the process of infection which resulted to an American Imperialism Defilipinization Syndrome. This is an aftermath of our weakened resistance against the American invasion of 1899. There are always nuances of meanings between a translated version and the version in the original language. This is because languages do not have exact equivalent words for each other. This would result to meanings already different from the intended meaning as written in the original language.

In fact many of our documents, records and literature were written in Spanish. These are records of our past. Without records of our past, we do not have access to our common origin as a nation. Without our common origin as a nation, we do not have a common identity. Without a common identity, we do not have anything to do with each other as a nation except as 80,000,ooo co-inhabitants of a land: organized as artificially as a state; and of survival of the fittest. One of these valuable documents of our past, is our original national constitution.

The question now is, "Why was this replaced?".

José Miguel García

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