Filipino Biz: Malolos Constitution

This is our constitution, an organic product of our independence from Spain of 1898. It was sealed by our congress in 1899, January 20. It is not a museum artifact. This is one of the foundations of our Filipino Identity.

The rest of the labeled Philippine constitutions have already been manufactured under conditions of the aftermath of our having been attacked and invaded by the Americans in 1899, February 4. Under pressure from civilization, the Americans granted us (as if they have the right to grant anything which does not belong to them) a ceremony of independence which was even documented for legitimacy purposes. But before that ceremonial grant, the Americans saw to it that we were already matured subjects of American imperialism. It is a specialized form of the general terms, invasion and occupation. It is a more subtle form of invasion and occupation. Of course it is still invasion and occupation. But before we could be willing subjects, our natural defense system had to be destroyed. But before it could be destroyed, our reason for defending, had to be destroyed. What is our reason for defending if not for our nation. What is our nation if not for our national identity. That, had to be destroyed!

And so the Americans replaced our Academia Militar, our military organization, political organization, national language, culture, history, education system, our warrior heroes resisting their invasion, our constitution and every system of our national life with their Constabulary Academy, a unit they labeled as the Philippine Constabulary, pool of collaborating political leaders, English language, American culture, American history and Filipino history as written by the Americans, American education, a hero image they developed for the Philippines who is merely a non-warrior reformist and has been dead before the American invasion, American Constitution and the American system of national life. It was a foreign system transmitted to attach within our national system designed to corrupt our national genetic code to destroy our defenses caused by the corruption of all codes responsible for our own unique way of identifying our selves and responding to situation for our sustainability. It resulted to our having been cut off with our origins as a nation. Having been cut off, our identity ceased to exist. With no identity, our national defense ceased to exist. Our love for our nation ceased to exist. A symptom of this today is the lack of love of majority of us Filipinos for our nation in a nationalistic way and not just in a pragmatic and self-interest way. This includes the lack of love of people who have access to power for our nation leading to abuse of the Filipino people. These are the circumstances upon which most of our political, legal, defense, education and the rest of our institutional behavior have been developed. This includes the formulation of our constitution.

This is the American transmission of Heredity Injuring Virus into our systems. It was confirmed in 1946, July 4.

This is the general foreground of our Malolos Constitution. There was an older constitution but it was limited to the Tagalog Region and not to the whole nation.

Any contribution especially as to information on how and why it was discarded and replaced, is most welcomed.

José Miguel García

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