Who controls our rice, food, building industry, and the whole of our economy? Who conducts military exercises in our jungles, hills, seas, and all our terrain wich have tactical value against any foreign invasion? Which national controls the strategic direction of our country? Who has a military camp inside our own Filipino military camp in Zamboanga, where in not even us Filipino soldiers among us have an access inside it? Whose soldier can rape our Filipina and can not be put to jail here in the Philippines? Do not they happen to be the Chinese and Americans?

In normal nations, such actions are considered foreign aggression. They are considered the enemies. Their soldiers would resist such aggression. Their soldiers would arrest any of their compatriots who collaborates with the enemy.

Who collaborates with these foreign trespassers of the Philippines? Who facilitates their legitimacy in our country? Who facilitates the possession of our islands, real estate properties, national broadband network which can access our national information and communication? Are these not acts of TREASON?

If a compatriot is caught red handed involved in the aforementioned acts, should not Filipino soldiers among us be bounded by duty like the soldiers of normal nations arrest that person? In fact any soldier is punishable for abandoning his duty. It is because a soldier who tolerates an act of treason by a compatriot, is also guilty of treason.

Just in case Filipino soldiers among us, still do not know, GMA has been involved in the aforementioned acts of treason for many years now. Do the Filipino soldiers among us need to be told what as common sense dictates, needs to be done?

Respectfully yours,

Jose Miguel Garcia

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