Today, our rice farmers are marginalized. Instead of being the standard of rice production in Asia, today, we have a tremendous rice shortage if not for the importation.

Filipinos among us who entered the military profession, wanted to offer to our nation the best defense system we could offer. What we saw was, we had to kill brother filipinos in defense of brother filipinos. The origin of conflict is far from that which a soldier should be involved with. Instead of a defense system to counter foreign aggression, we have an autodefense syndrome-- attacking brother filipinos and protecting the american invaders and their allies. The cause was: brother filipinos claiming ancestral domain in the land where brother filipnos had been manipulated by those who control our nation to settle there. Unknown to us was the purpose of altering the prevailing organic social composition and be diluted to reduce resistance against any intervention to facilitate foreign interest. What we saw was an organization of a defense system whose experience and orientation for decades remained restricted to counter-insurgency. It is an organization which have remained worshipping dependents of the americans. It is an organization whose technology have been overtaken by our neighboring countries. It is an organization which for decades remained a heavy funded constabulary of the americans or a USA Auxilliary Corps. Of what use is a defense system when instead of having the capability to defend our nation against potential and actual alien threats, our only capbility is in watching over compatriots and attack them?

We, the children of this country, do not anymore have source of living left for us in our homeland. Nor do we have a big brother to protect us against foreigners who have actually been driving us out of our own sources of food, our own lands and our prerogatives to chart our own destiny. There is an ongoing evacuation of us filipinos from our country. Should we not just instead channel our tributes from our hard earned money to a constabulary or national police?

The poor among us are obssessed with getting whatever we can, wherever we can, and however we can to satisfy the needs of the flesh of our selves and that of our family. The rich among us are obssessed with getting whatever we can, wherever we can, and however we can to satisfy the needs of the flesh of our selves and that of our family.

The only thing we supposedly filipinos have in common is, ourself. We do not have a nation in common. What we have are the flag, the map on our shirt, the placing of our hand on our chest when the national anthem is sang, and the declaration of, "I am proud to be a filipino." After that, we continue with our scholarship to the USA, our imitation of Pres. Obama, how to become like a US Navy Seal, US Army Green Beret or a US Marine. We imagine how best to fight their enemies. We are not functioning as a filipino nation.

Are we born to be this kind of people? Is this normal?




In 1898, we separated from Spain. We became independent. We had our own Constitución Política de Malolos, the first republican constitution in Asia. We had our own government. We had conflicting interests among the different circumstances where we belong to.
Our political structures and social justice, were at a time ably guided by Apolinario Mabini, a lawyer. He was a man with no class category as observed by Nick Joaquin. He was the manifestation of intellectual unity between the poor and the rich, the schooled and the unschooled. The critical element was that, we were left to settle our conflicting interests, among ourselves as a new nation settle their social problems. There was at a time, no foreigner who, taking advantage of our vulnerability, manipulated the situation to benefit his own interest.


We had our own defense system and our own Academia Militar formed by our own, Gen Antonio Luna.
Our premature defense system which had already undergone stress during the revolution at the pre-nation stage was, soon after its birth, baptized by fire by the United States of America invaders in 1899. Even though it was an enormously disproportionate warfare, with our enemy, emerging to become the top global military power, and we, still a newly born premature nation, resisted the invaders fiercely without any outside support. What could be more globally competitive than this? Inspite of the enormous disproportion, we were still able to gain a number of tactical victories. We were able to protract our resistance against the enemy.


We had our own culture developed during our embryonic stage. We had our own languages, with Tagalog and Spanish as the official.
But during that time, we the poor, the rich, the unschooled and the schooled among us filipinos, became united. We had but one vision- to preserve our inherited nation. We were willing to shed our blood because we had that much love for our nation.
So why are we different today from what we were before?



In 1899, the United States of America engaged in the most dirty of all activities in imposing their will on a sovereign people. They engaged us in terroristic activites such as hostage taking, torture, rape and all unscrupulous acts. It resulted in death of 700,000 to 1,000,000 of us filipinos. It resulted to the surrender of our brave warriors who could not counter the hostage-taking by the americans of the members of our families and neighbors.


They illegalized, imprisoned, tortured or killed those among us who resisted their invasion. They protected, facilitated and rewarded those among us who collaborated with them. They replaced our different systems with filipino collaborators among us. They supervised those systems.


The americans developed our education by: replacing Spanish with English; transmitting a set of values which replaced satisfying the basic needs of the filipino people as a consequence of love of nation, with love for material things to satisfy the self and family; spreading the myth that the benevolent americans saved us from
the evil spaniards; developing thru funding, legal enactments and information transmission of José Rizal as our national hero to shift our focus to the spaniards who are the executioners and everything that is evil because of his two novels about spanish atrocities, he advocated reforms but not physical resistence, and he was long gone by the time the americans arrived; burying our other heroes who are valuable to our resistance against invaders into obscurity to destroy our being identified with those who resisted foreign invaders and engaged them in combat; taking away all information about our development which was supposed to include our status as a nation before they invaded us and retaining only about the negative activities of the spaniards; taking away information about our resistance against them; and taking away information about their tortures and killings of our brother filipinos. They transmitted to us a history they fabricated to corrupt our national identity. This was designed to develop in us a corrupted national developmental code of worshipping dependents of our foreign invaders. This was to replicate for generations. This was so that, long after they were supposed to have granted us, what they call an independence, we would have even be more deeply invaded by the americans. But this transmitted history by the americans, taught to us by educators and historians formed in a defilipinized education is not our history. This resulted to the injury of our inherited developmental code. It is a developmental virus they transmitted in us. This is the Heredity Injuring Virus.


In the 1900s, a more subtle form of invasion from another front but in coordination with the americans developed. Around that time, we set up a legal channel of check points for identifying and assessing foreigners entering our country as part of our defense system of checking further foreign infiltration. The new invading chinese countered with help from the americans. While our legal check points where still in the setting up stage, the Americans, with their military might behind them, quickly dismantled them.

The americans maintained our being defilipinized to perpetuate our being economically weak so that we will remain dependent on them so that they could control us.
At that time, we tilled our land to produce rice for our people. With the sweat on our brow, we were supposed to be compensated so that we can also feed our family. However our source of agricultural materials necessary to our production have been controlled by a united group of chinese. Thus we, who have not been united, did not have choice of the best and the lowest priced materials except to buy only from them. We had to buy those of poor quality and of the highest price. Our market for our products were also controlled by the same united group of foreigners. Thus we did not have choice on who would buy our products at the highest price. We had to sell at the lowest price. Receiving very low income out of our farming which is not enough to provide us with our basic needs, we needed to borrow when someone in the family got sick. Taking advantage of our peculiar circumstances, the united foreigners came to our rescue by lending us money with our land as collateral. Since our income from farming is below that of what could provide us with our basic needs, we were unable to pay our debts to the lenders. Our land which was our collateral for our loan have been grabed legally by the lender. This time, we tilled in the same land we are no longer owners. When the new possessors of the land found that tilling of the land was no longer as financially profitable to them as importing agricultural products, they stopped the farming operation. With no more source of income and a place to sleep, we had to move out to the urban areas as squatters. We offered whatever services that we, our spouse or even our children could do which may be accepted in the new environment.

This is the underlying cause of our national pathological situation. This is why we have no love for our nation which resulted to our having been behaving selfishly. This is why we have a pathological defense system. These are the manifestations of an Alienation Impo
tency Dependency Syndrome.


We have a nation which we inherited from our forefathers. We can again function as a nation. These data is based on documented references. Let us follow up the elaboration of these data in the coming months. If our history is true, we now know how we can recover our inherited nation. We can come home to our own home. We can set things right for our own people because we again can have love for our nation.

José Miguel García