19 soldiers slain in Basilan

MILF: Our forces had edge, went for the kill


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‘THEY KEPT COMING’ A soldier carries a wounded comrade airlifted by helicopter from Al-Barka, Basilan, for treatment in Zamboanga City on Tuesday. At least 19 soldiers of the Special Action Forces were killed in a clash with Moro rebels. A survivor of the ambush said they were outnumbered and overwhelmed. AP
The soldiers were running out of magazines preloaded with bullets and yet Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) fighters kept on coming, said a member of the Army’s Special Forces who survived a nine-hour clash in Al-Barka, Basilan province.
The encounter on Tuesday left 19 soldiers dead.
Private First Class Arnel Balili said that while some 90 Moro rebels were advancing, he and 39 other members of the Special Forces had to spend time loading fresh bullets into empty magazines so they could return fire.
The soldiers were overwhelmed. “We were only 40. There were more of them,” Balili, who was among the 11 wounded soldiers, said from a hospital bed in Zamboanga City.

Status of Our National Defense

This is already a decades old cycle of brother filipino soldiers of the government among us being clobbered by brother filipino soldiers of whatever region or ideology among us, and vice versa.  

Let us remember the rape cases the north americans committed against our filipinas as well as the deaths of our filipino brothers like Gregan Cardeño inside the facility of a U.S. organization- Liason Coordination Elements in the Philippines yet have not found closure until now due to blocks from the north americans.  Take note of the mysterious death of Captain Javier Ignacio of the Philippine Army who was the recruiter of Cardeño for the U.S. organization, who was gunned down while he was about to meet a filipino group investigating the Cardeño death.   This is also a decades old deficiency of filipino soldiers among us of being impotent in defending our brother filipinos against foreign aggression.(1)(2)

How many decades have we been under what the U.S. term as, tutelage, protection, training, technological support, and guidance of the mighty protective north americans since the 1900s?  In all those years, our defense system could not proceed at any direction of development other than that under U.S. control, tutelage, protection, training, technological support, policies, guidance and dependence on. How many decades have we been at war against brother filipinos in what the the U.S term as insurgency? How many years have been our defense system been functioning as defense against brother filipinos the situation of which is equivalent to the autoimmune disease of the immune system of an individual human entity? In all those years, have we ever been able to develop a defense system capable of defense against foreign invaders?

In all those years that other nations like France, Germany, Israel, Japan, and Vietnam, developed their nation, how have been their status of economy and defense? Did they let their economy and defense be controlled by and dependent on the U.S.?

If we let the U.S. continue their tutelage, protection, training, technological support, guidance, and control of our nation as what they have always been doing, how many more years will it take before we will this time be able to end being at war with brother filipinos? How many more years will it take before we will finally be able to have the economic and defense status of nations mentioned who have never been controlled by nor dependent on the U.S.?

These are just symptoms of a pathological national defense development.  

The AFP is part of the defense system of our nation.  No matter how strong the defense system is, if for its major function, it destroys the people of its own nation and defends more the foreigners before a situation that is in conflict with its own people, it will remain dysfunctional.  Thus it is impotent or a mutant.

Our defense system has a deficiency.  It is supposed to follow like normal biological entities that when a defense system is owned by a certain entity, it defends that entity against foreign organic or non-organic entities.  Once it destroys part or the whole of the entity to which it belongs to, the defense system has become auto defense.  In a human being entity, this becomes an autoimmune disease.  Such deficiency or dysfunction is merely a symptom of the underlying cause.  There was an infection at some point of development of the entity.

Birth of Our Nation
Conception of the filipino nation developed in the 1700s to the 1800s as a result of a developmental intercourse of events in the 1500s to the 1600s involving the iberians under the Spanish Government and the natives and separate tribes of the islands on the Southeast Asia and Southwest Pacific.  This developed into a revolution that drove us to a separation from the womb of Madre España and be born as a Filipino Nation in 1898.  From tribes and petty kingdoms, to a colony, to a revolutionary social organism, we became a nation.

We inherited the organic national Determinant of National Actions from the founding fathers of our nation. This unwritten code was the factor inherent in us, in: producing a national character and identity that binds us, as a nation; driving the direction of our development; and providing cohesion and continiuity of development thru generations.

Carrying that unwritten code within us, as a nation, we developed a system of politics, defense, judiciary, economy, and education.  Being an infant nation, we struggled to be united, to adapt to the situation, and to control our resources and direction of our development. 

The estimated GDP per capita for the Philippines in 1900, the year Spain left, was of $1,033.oo.  That made it the second richest nation in all of Asia, next to Japan ($1,135.oo), and far ahead of China ($652.oo) or India ($625.oo).(3)

Development of Our Original National Defense System

At the birth of our nation in 1898, we had a still infant but normal and even a vibrant national defense system.  It was clear who our defense system belongs to, for it was clear who we were, not as individuals, not as tribes nor petty kingdoms, but as a nation.

At that stage, we through Gen Antonio Luna developed the Academia Militar.  He recruited quite a number of officers from the Spanish Army to form the core group of the academia.  He transformed the different and assorted standards of fighting volunteers for the revolutionary stage of our nation into a professional standard of regular soldiers for the newly born nation.

Our newly developed but infant defense system underwent the ultimate test of its class and potency when a foreign entity, the north americans, violated our newly born nation in 1898 by their invasion.  Without any aid from any nation, our defense forces engaged the aggressor forces of the most powerful nation in the world in 1899.   It was our first encounter with a foreign aggressor force as a filipno nation.  We lost in many battles but we also defeated them in a number of documented battles like Balangiga, Mabitac, Pulang Lupa, etc.  

Down south, the north americans tampered with the development of that area of our nation, with their Bates Agreement of 1899.  It established a kind of national development that mutated into one of disintegrating development of one part of the nation from the development of the other parts of the nation.  It was a masterful divide and rule stroke of the enemy forces to disintegrate the whole of our national defense system.  It has a profound consequence to our national development including national security, today.

Yet, so potent were our defenses that by 1903, the aggressor forces were not yet able to break our resistance.

Ellis G. Davis, Company A, 20th Kansas of the U.S. occupational forces in the Philippines, wrote about us in the 1900s: "They will never surrender until their whole race is exterminated. They are fighting for a good cause, and the Americans should be the last of all nations to transgress upon such rights. Their independence is dearer to them than life,…". 

The aggressor forces of the most powerful nation in the world had to resort to what terrorists today do- hostage-taking of civilians among us.  But at that time, it was on a massive scale which included extermination of the civilians among us.  According to just the documented reports, among the places where these form of terrorism took place were in Marinduque, Rizal, Bulacan, Batangas, Laguna, Albay, and  Samar.  Their demand: surrender of those of the defense forces among us.  It was because of such terroristic acts that the defense forces among us were compelled to give in to their demand.  It was because of such terroristic acts that 800,000 to 1,000,000 of us filipinos died.

Developmental Heredity Injuring Virus

As a result of our having a weakened physical defense system, the north americans took over without resistance from us, control of our resources and development of our systems including our political, defense, economic and education.  These resulted to our organic Determinant of National Actions code within our systems, being cut off from us.  They replaced it with a developmental code they synthesized which directed our development towards functioning to sustain the growth of the north american of the United States.

At their initial penetration of our defense system, they took brother filipinos into the Philippine Constabulary, their auxilliary corps to engage brother filipinos of the filipino defense force.  Gradually, their auxilliary corps, Philippine Constabulary later transformed into the Armed Forces of the Philippines.  Later, more soldiers among us either died or surrendered that we were cut off from our organic filipino defense forces- our original defense system.

Developmental Defense System

Having lost our physical defenses, we still mounted a defense at the developmental level against another foreign invader at another front.  We engaged the chinese invasion and taking over of our economic bases in the 1900s, at the sociological level.  However, the north american government and the chinese government in their homeland, intervened and blocked all our moves to check the chinese overruning our economic bases.  Under U.S. protection, the chinese in our country have secured legal status over our economy and over our land.  After several years of maneuver, they have developed a strong sociological and economic clutch over us, impoverished filipinos including the new generation of materialistically molded political and military leaders.  The chinese have secured covert but strong influence over the direction of our economic, political, and defense system.  

This further weakened our economy enough to render us filipinos perpetually economically dependent. This resulted to our having become perpetually impotent in defending our nation against foreign occupation.

Foreign Invasion Spreads at the Developmental Level

Except for Carlos Garcia, we never had any president who could not be controlled by the United States of North America and stay long as president.  All these presidents are products of U.S. tampered development of our educational system.(5)
Today, we the mass of filipinos are loosing our legal status over our economy and our land.  The only legal status remaining for us, mass of filipinos are that of OFWs, squatters, employees, and laborers.  Today, our defense system only functions against law breakers who happen to be filipinos, but not anymore against foreign invaders.

Alienation Impotency Dependency Syndrome

This has become the characteristics of the soldiers among us: fierce and potent against brother filipinos who happen to be criminals, and even against brother filipinos resisting the puppets of the north americans; but impotent against foreign invasion and control. 

This was how our defense force, an external defense force was replaced by an auxilliary armed corps of the north americans in the Philippines.  It has been castrated to perpetually remain and not grow beyond counterinsurgency capability.  As a result, our nation has perpetually remained impotent in defending ourselves against foreign control.  For decades, we have never been able to be independent.

The Abu Sayyaf situation is just the result of the CIA creation of religious fighters from muslim regions including Mindanao to fight a proxy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s.  This is the cause of why many lives of filipino soldiers among us have been lost to fighting the Abu Sayyaf terrorists.


We can break this decades old chronic disease of our defense system.  We have identified the underlying cause and the process.  We are aware that a status of a vibrant, world class defense system, did exist for our nation during the time of our forefathers.  It is ours by inheritance from our forefathers.  Therefore, it is ours to recover.

4.  Francisco, L. 1973. The First Vietnam: The U. S. – Philippine War of 1899