Publication of Criteria For Choosing Post for Philippine Marines Commandant


We are looking for a published comparative study on legitimate contenders to the post of Commandant, Philippine Marines.

This concern is in light of the impending vacating of the post most probably within a month as of this date. Though there are other marine officers more qualified than Gen Martir, developments in the past months seem to indicate that Martir would be the choice of GMA. This concern is based on the article of Ellen Tordesillas posted in Malaya on May 18, 2009. It is based on his derogatory record of AWOL for more than a year. This even makes him unqualified as a legitimate contender. But then again, legitimacy issues have become complicated and has mutated into a life of its own in our country. These would need another entry for posting. It is also based on a vision for our Philippine Marines to be led by someone who has the capability to turn it into a world class fighting force in terms of:

  1. responsiveness to the welfare of the civilians it is supposed to serve;

  2. discipline in combat and within the human social environment;

  3. hitting with precision the enemy without damaging the non-enemy, the civilians as well as the environment;

  4. creative and effective utilization of limited as well as indigenous resources;

  5. related to the former, non-dependence on technology and firepower that is beyond the financial capability of our Nation yet, effective in real combat;

  6. ensuring the combat effectiveness of the unit at its most basic level- the individual, unarmed marine;

  7. and above all, able to identify itself with, the Filipino people as self, as against the foreign invader as the enemy

This must also include, combat experiences.

In the proposed comparative study, is/are the contenders/contender with his/their name/names, witheld but whose credentials and capbilities are real and verifiable.

This is in the highest interest of the Filipino marines among us whose source of reason for being a Filipino marine is in the assurance of being in the most profesional, toughest, most battle tested and above all, most able to accomplish its mission. It is in the assurance that the marines are led by the most respected, most battle experienced and most able to accomplish its mission kind of leader that, the whole unit will also able to replicate the characteristics of the said leader. It is the respect of the people that the Filipino marine is able to go thru the toughest of conditions even unto death.

This is in the highest interest of the Filipino soldiers among us who could be assured with the knowledge of having for a partner in combat operations, a unit that is top in professionalism index, its compatriots feel safe with, foreign nations respect, and foreign enemies can be eliminated before fear could take over them.

Above all, this is in the highest interest of us the Filipino people because we are paying with our hard earned money for the maintenance of the Philippine Marines as for other military units also. We deserve no less than the best service to protect us Filipinos. We do not deserve our money being spent to for a unit being nothing but a burden to us as well as a threat to our lives. We do not deserve a unit who protects the foreigners who control our resources and destroys us supposedly brother Filipinos.

José Miguel Garcia

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