Let Us Not Abandon

OUR CENTURIES OLD TRADITION- An Open Letter To The Chief of Staff, AFP*

The underlying cause of our problem now has been not just corruption in the government, but the corruption of our development.

Some of the most developed and respected nations in the world today like France, Finland, Israel, Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea, have a strong nationalistic character. They developed their own national language ignoring the English Language for their daily transactions, technical communications, academic activities and interaction with foreigners. France has protected its farmers and local industries and expelled the U.S. Bases. Japan has a nationalistic economy. Israel did not hesitate to bomb U.S. facilities for the sake of it’s security. Vietnam resisted triumphantly the invasion of the most powerful military in the world- U.S. Armed Forces.

We were about to develop fully when we were born as a nation in 1898 after we became independent of Spain and became the Republic of the Philippines. On June 12, 1898, we officially hoisted for the first time the Philippine National Flag as the Marcha Nacional Filipina was being played in public. With budget allocation, we produced our own government, our own defense system, our agricultural system, our educational system and our own constitution.

Sometime later, the north americans invaded us. Unable to break our potent defenses, the foreign aggressors resorted massive kidnappings and extermination of the civilians among us.  Thereafter, 700,000 to 1,000,000 of us filipinos died.  Because of these, soldiers among us were compelled to give in to the demands of the foreign kidnappers for us to surrender.  Having a weakened physical resistance this time, our invaders took over our systems.  They replaced our organic national developmental code in all our systems with a developmental code- Heredity Injuring Virus, they synthesized to function by cutting us off from all our inherited developmental characteristics and national identity in the course of our conception and finally birth as a nation.  The chinese whose invasion was complementing thus protected by the U.S. occupational government and facilitated by the Chinese Government from their homeland have blocked our resistance against them.  Thus they were able to penetrate deeper into our economic system and later in our many more different systems. Thus our invaders corrupted our system and replicated it from generation to generation. There was no symptom of this invasion for years.

Then slowly after several years, the damage is manifesting. Opportunistic infection set in. Our presidents who have been under the control and influence of these invaders provided them with favors from the exploitation of our natural resources, cornering of our industries, and control of our defense policies. Little by little, filipino farmers, filipino businessmen, nationalistic filipino soldiers among us are being displaced from our trade and source of livelihood.  Little by little thousands of us filipinos are dying from landslides caused by logging by big time chinese loggers and logging financiers. Farm production is being displaced by food importation manipulated by the rice cartel. Many of them have acquired documents for their becoming legally Filipino citizens. They have legitimized their control of and displacement of us filipinos from access to our resources.

There have been those among us like Gen. Danilo Lim, Atty Tiu, Alejandro Lichauco, Prof. Emanuel Q. Yap and others of chinese blood who have provided so much of their life in the service of our Filipino Nation. They have made themselves one of us and therefor more Filipino than GMA, Martir or Esperon.

There were reports that the north americans were the ones who developed the kidnap for ransom gang Abu Sayyaf as a counter force against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Little by little, filipino soldiers and pilots and crew among us, die from north american handed down aircraft crushes due to our deteriorating defense system logistics because of the american instituted dependency character. The americans have again established a military camp inside our own camp in Zamboanga. Filipino soldiers among us are off-limits there. American soldier convicted of having raped our filipina was bolted out of jail by his fellow north americans with the help of the officials of the GMA puppet government.

Where is our self-respect?

Unlike the most developed and respected nations mentioned earlier, we have lost our independence and consequently our nationalistic character further losing our independence. What is our problem then? Our resistance to the north american and chinese invasion has been compromised.  Soldiers among us have been castrated to master combat never beyond defense against brother filipinos or counterinsurgency.  After we gave in to the demands of the foreign kidnappers for us to surrender to them which enabled them to take over our defense system, we have never anymore been able to recover our capability to defend ourselves against foreign invaders.  We have to remain incapable of defending ourselves, otherwise, we would already be independent of the north americans.  We the filipino people have been disintegrated into individuals
 concerned only with our individual selves and families.  Our interests have become in conflict with the interest of our nation. We have a pool of collaborator leaders who are continuing the facilitation by our past Philippine presidents, of the continuation of this invasion.  Symptoms of an Alienized Individualized and Defilipinized Syndrome has already been manifesting.  

Filipino Soldiers among us still have an unfinished mission!  Let not the our Armed Forces be the auxilliary corps of the foreign enemy by protecting a collaborator.  Let us not be an autodefense soldier killing our brother filipinos, the journalists, the so called insurgents (labeled by the north americans who defended our nation against their invasion), student activists, women, and brother filipino soldiers resisting the collaborators. Let us be normal self-respecting soldiers like that of France, Germany, Israel or Vietnam. In his speech, a former AFP Chief of Staff once reminded filipino soldiers among us not to “…abandon the centuries old tradition of the Filipino Soldier. ” What has been the traditional role of soldiers among us from the time of our forefather warriors a century ago like Generals Ricarte, Antonio Luna, Malvar, Tinio, Lukban, and Major Torres Bugallón? They resisted our north american invaders. Gen Ricarte made a policy to expel the chinese from control of filipino business.

Indeed, filipino soldiers among us, must not abandon our tradition. Let us defend our nation against the more subtle modern enemy invader, but still a foreign invader. Let us accomplish our mission! Let us defend this nation of our brother filipinos against foreign invaders and their collaborators!

José Miguel García _________________________________________________________
* Written as a response to the speech of General Yano on the ARMED FORCES of the PHILIPPINES Foundation Day on Dec. 22, 2008. His mention of such words as, "Centuries Old Tradition" referring to the Filipino soldiers all throughout the centuries was heart warming. It brought hope for us Filipinos that the Filipino soldiers among us would finally be oriented to the real purpose of existense.

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