LESSONS TO BE LEARNED ON: A History of Zionism and the Creation of Israel

 This is an information material for study on the development of a nation. This is not a foreign, political, nor religious policy propaganda material.  In fact, information on a certain nation is always and must always be studied, not only by the friends and allies of that nation, but also by the enemies of that nation which will be only beneficial to the recipients.

This information is about how a people was able to keep intact a national identity inspite of their having been driven out of their land and scattered around the world for 2000 years, and came back to recover the original land of the birth of their nation.

It was the Determinant of National Attributes or DNA of the israelis that has been driving them towards becoming a nation with the kind of defense, economy, and agriculture system that they have today.  This Israeli DNA is the belief that they are a people set apart thru historical development, organic to them.  This historical development of their having been set apart as a people became the definition of their nation which they have kept it as their own.  Having conquered and been driven out from Palestine thru historical development several times for thousands of years, Zionism movement developed as a response.

The value of Zionism as a movement to us filipinos, is in our struggle to be free of the degenerative disease of Alienation Impotency Dependency Syndrome.  At present, we filipinos are divided into classes, sectors, profession and individuals with conflicting interests.  Each of our classes, sectors, profession and individuals are dependent on the americans for protection, and economic sustenance, as well as intellectual, cultural and social prestige.  The  left, are clamoring for the dismantling of american militarization of our country.  It is only the militarization and not the United States north americanization of the different areas of our country that they are objecting. The more subtle but deeper invasion which is the control of our economy, education, culture, and the whole of our developmental code which is the control of our destiny is being overlooked.

We filipinos, who have been driven out of our inherited identity, our own origins of our nation, our inherited constitution, our inherited defense institution, our inherited national culture, and the whole of our national developmental code of excellence, and our loyalty to our nation was scattered for decades, and need to recover them, can learn a lesson.

Zionism Movement is explained thru clicking on the following paragraphs:

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