How can we expect to defend our nation when we filipinos do not even possess and control our resources and direction of our development? 

As of 2012 October 20, the Philippine Government as in the past, failed to formulate an effective Anti-Money Laundering Law.  It was due to in 2001, when the chinese compelled the Philippine Government to remove tax evasion as one of the crimes covered by the Anti-Money Laundering Law.  This has blocked our efforts in regulating the manner of paying taxes for effective and equitable financial sustainability.  The Philippine Government adjusted the law according to what the chinese wanted.


In the 1900s, the Philippine Government passed a law requiring books in business written in chinese to be written in the language Philippine government auditors could understand.  The chinese refused.  The United States Government stopped the Philippine Government from enforcing the law.

Around November of 1924, we developed a setup to check foreigners entering our country as part of our defense system of checking further foreign infiltration.  However, the United States dismantled them.  An editorial appeared on June 5, 1926 in The Tribune.  It made a comment regarding: the chinese making a plaything of our exclusion laws; their out maneouvering us from the start of our border checking operations, making a fool out of us.

Meanwhile, we filipinos dismantled chinese bases of economic controls in many parts of Manila and Luzon.  The Philippine Constabulary, a U.S. established unit to be the auxillary corps of the U.S. Armed Forces in the Philippines, intervened.

We tried strategies based on our present condition to gain control of as much area of our nation as we could against the foreigners. The start of our series of manoeuvres thru legal operations with the Retail Trade Nationalization Law in 1954 however, was out-manoeuvred by the Chinese. After we implemented this law, some 8700 of the 10,000 chinese who rushed to get hold of certificate of filipino citizenship papers after 1946, did so after 1954.  Thus in paper, the number of chinese registered as engaged in the retail trade was reduced and the number of us filipinos engaged in the same business was increased. In reality however, there was no physical difference. The difference was only in paper.

Many of these chinese were able to aquire legal documents of being Filipino Citizens in order to make their control of our resources resulting to displacement of us original filipinos constitutional. They applied what the famous Chinese General Sun Tzu said something like, “Therefore, the skillful leader subdues the enemy's troops without any fighting; he captures their cities without laying siege to them; he overthrows their kingdom without lengthy operations in the field.” They conquered our cities without the use of traditional combat weapons.  Except for President Carlos Garcia, all of our presidents have been more than willing to be their puppet government. They have been protected by the laws of the land. They have been protected by the law enforcers of the land. They displaced us filipinos from our source of livelihood and we have no big brother to protect us.


Today and here, what has been the result when as of 2007, between 80,000 to 100,000 chinese have been moving covertly inside our main homeland?  These do not include those who have already gained access to having legalized their status.  They have been able to continue taking over of our banking system, building construction system, rice distribution system, real estate development, airline industry, retail industry, etc..  They have been rendering us impotent in solving the chronic rice shortage for decades.  Now they have been taking over development of our education thru Asia Pacific College, UE, Centro Escolar University, etc.?  What has been the result? 

They have developed a situation where in our military, police, and political officials have been locked in under their social and economic influence to provide them protection and access to having legal status of control of our resources and development.


How many decades have we been under what the U.S. term as, tutelage, protection, training, technological support, and guidance of the mighty protective north americans since the 1900s?  In all those years, our defense system could not proceed at any direction of development other than that under U.S. control, tutelage, protection, training, technological support, policies, guidance and dependence on. How many decades have we been at war against brother filipinos in what the the U.S term as insurgency? How many years have been our defense system been functioning as defense against brother filipinos? The situation is equivalent to the autoimmune disease of the immune system of an individual human entity.  In all those years, have we ever been able to develop a defense system capable of defense against foreign invaders?

In all those years that other nations like France, Germany, Israel, Japan, and Vietnam, developed their nation, how has their status of economy and defense become?  Did they let their economy and defense be controlled by and dependent on the U.S. or other foreigners?

If we let the U.S. continue their tutelage, protection, training, technological support, guidance, and control of our nation as what they have always been doing, how many more years will it take before we will this time be able to end being at war with brother filipinos? How many more years will it take before we will finally be able to have the economic and defense status of nations mentioned who have never been controlled by nor dependent on the U.S.?


An HIVirus infiltrates the human body thru an immune cell of that human body.  Attached inside the immune cell, the virus utilize the DNA of the host immune cell to establish its identity as that of the host immune cell, and takes over control of that cell.  Other uninfected immune cells are not able to detect the HIVirus because it has the identity and DNA of the infected host immune cell.  When it has completely taken over the host immune cell, that immune cell dies.  The HIVirus replicates the process to the next human immune cell.  After 15 years of replication of the process, what will be the status of all the immune cells?  Can the immune system still defend the body against other invading pathogens that result to TB, tumors, meningitis, and other apparently non HIVirus initiated?

In the national body, it is no different.  When a foreign body takes over control of our Determinants of National Attributes, can our defense system still defend our nation against other invading nations?


When we became separated from Madre España in 1898, we were born as a nation.  We inherited the organic Determinants of National Attributes from the founding fathers of our nation. This unwritten code was the factor inherent in us, in: producing a national character and identity that binds us, as a nation; driving the direction of our development; and providing cohesion and continuity of development thru generations.

Carrying that unwritten code within us, as a nation, we developed a system of politics, defense, judiciary, economy, and education.  Being an infant nation, we struggled to be united, to adapt to the situation, and to control our resources and direction of our development. 

"The Friars in the Philippines" by Coleman, and "GDP per capita in 1900 by country. Definition, graph, and map" by NationMaster.com 2010 reported that during our birth as a nation in 1898:

We were among the most educated in all of Asia.  Our economy and standard of living were ahead of most of our Asian neighbors and even many European countries at that time.  In 1900, the estimated GDP per capita for the Philippines was $1033.oo.  We were the second richest nation in Asia, just a little behind Japan, having $1135.oo.  We were far ahead of China, having $652.oo or India having $625.oo.

Corpus in his “Roots of the Filipino Nation” and Jose in his “Rise and Fall of Antonio Luna”, reported how our nationalism and unity at their peak in the 1900s were unprecedented and never anymore been surpassed.


At the birth of our nation, we had an infant but vibrant national defense system.  It was clear who our defense system belongs to, for it was clear who we were, not as individuals, not as tribes, nor petty kingdoms, but as a nation. 

Our newly developed but infant defense system underwent the ultimate test of its class and potency when a foreign entity, the north americans of the United States, violated our newly born nation in 1898 by their invasion.  Without any aid from any nation, our defense forces engaged the aggressor forces of the emerging most powerful nation in the world in 1899.   It was our first encounter with a foreign aggressor force as a filipino nation.  We lost in many battles but we also defeated them in battles like Balangiga, Mabitac, Pulang Lupa, and other documented battles.  So potent were our defenses that, the aggressor forces were not able to break our resistance for years.

Ellis G. Davis, Company A, 20th Kansas of the U.S. occupational forces in the Philippines, wrote about us in the 1900s: "They will never surrender until their whole race is exterminated. They are fighting for a good cause, and the Americans should be the last of all nations to transgress upon such rights. Their independence is dearer to them than life,…". 

The aggressor forces of the emerging most powerful nation in the world had to resort to what terrorists engaging a stronger force today do- kidnapping of civilians among us.  But at that time, it was on a massive scale which included extermination of the civilians among us.  According to just the documented reports, among the places where these form of terrorism took place were in Marinduque, Rizal, Bulacan, Batangas, Laguna, Albay, and Samar.  Their demand: surrender of those of the defense forces among us.  It was because of such terroristic acts that the defense forces among us were compelled to give in to their demand.  It was because of such terroristic acts that 800,000 to 1,000,000 of us filipinos died.

To be able to function effectively in defending our nation against foreign aggressor forces, we must first, have a functional defense system.  For our nation to have a functional defense system, we must first of all have possession and control of our resources and direction of development which includes that of defense.  To take possession and control, we must first take possession and control of not cash, not oil, nor any materials which strong nations of today did not have when they started to be a nation.  We must recover our Determinants of National Attributes.  It must be our inherited DNA, and not tampered by the U.S. during their occupation in the 1900s.  It is our DNA of 1898, that we have lost today that we need to recover.  Only then can we even start to build a defense system that can equal the status that we had in the 1900s.

Jose Miguel Garcia


the_historian said...

Agree...only our nationalistic pride, patriotism and love of the country will save us to be again Great NATION.
Its a long shot...only few of us know this. Most of our countrymen are so disoriented of who they are. They even think they are americans, spanish,and chinese. Its funny but its true.

josé miguel said...

It is not funny, and it is true. If we do not have a national identity, which we did have and is yet to be recovered, whose nation then will our national defense, defend?