Do we want to experience travelling as a family?  Do we want to experience travelling as a filipino family?  Do we want to experience travelling not only to a distant place but also to a distant past of a nation along it's nationhood? 

If we do, but cannot physically leave our home, office, or the place where we are at present because of some pressing matter that is holding us, well there is this relatively new website that can provide us with such experiences just mentioned.  It is this website, "La Familia Viajera."  Let us check on this site via: http://www.lafamiliaviajera.com/ 

Jose Miguel Garcia


Bopeep said...

This is an awesome way of promoting the country as a tourist destination and a rich cultural heritage!

Thank you Jose Miguel for taking so much pride in our country!

josé miguel said...

I apologize for having taken so long before publicizing your comment. I have been out of touch with the internet most of the time for months due to pressing matters. You are welcome Bopeep. I thank you for sharing your thoughts.