Rigoberto Tiglao said it well when he presented the process which led to our having lost football from our culture. The article, which appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, first posted 23:34:00 06/30/2010 at: http://opinion.inquirer.net/inquireropinion/columns/view/20100630-278492/Why-were-not-into-soccer-2 has indeed identified this particular response to a particular stimulus as a symptom of a deeper national disease. We are playing a different game from that which normal nations are playing- a game which benefits their own nation and the world. We are playing a game that which a nation held in captivity is playing- a game which is injuring our national development, which has less benefits to the world, and which benefits only the north american nation.

We have been developmentally forced to play basketball, a favorite north american sport, inspite of our genetic handicap as far as excelling requirements of the game is concerned. While on the other hand we are genetically fit to excel in football, our original favorite sport since the time it was introduced to us, as indicated in the importance we gave to our stadium in Manila, by the official name “Rizal Memorial Track and Football Stadium” as well as our status in football in Asia decades ago. We are simply not anymore who we are. This is one of the symptoms of a nation with a social disease whose original national characteristics have been altered resulting to alienation to itself and disintegration. Therefor, there must have been a corruption of our national developmental code that brought about this deviation or mutation of our national development. This is a symptom and the process of an Alienation of Identity and Defilipinization Syndrome (AIDS). Except for the existence of God, all events came to exist as a result of a cause. AIDS is no exception.

We now have AIDS as a result of the weakening of our national defense instincts. Compared with normal nations all over the world particularly the well developed nations like France, Germany, Israel, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam, and our nation which fiercely defended foreign invasion in the 1900s, we today do not anymore defend: our forests from being denuded; our rivers from being dumping sites; our economic resources from being taken over by the north americans and the chinese; our brother filipinos from being killed inside american military bases inside our country; our filipinas from being raped by U.S. personnel; and our national sovereignty from foreign aggressors. We have lost our instincts to defend our nation because we have lost our nation to disintegration. We have lost living for our nation. We have simply lived for our selves. This is indicated by the intensity and extent of moral corruption in our society. This is indicated by the extent of the level of moral corruption in our society as compared to normal nations. We have ceased to live for our nation, but only for our selves and our family.

Our having been corrupted is not merely a corruption in politics, in the judiciary, in the defense or in the legislature. It has become cultural because it is already in our national developmental code. This is the national counterpart of genetic code in an individual biological unit.

Our original national developmental code was a national characteristic of cleanliness in our rivers and streets, beautiful people with wholesome charateristics, socially responsive to our nation and to the world, fiercely resistant to foreign invasion and with a nationalistic defense system. This is sometime before, during, and sometime after the birth of our nation in 1898. The height of this characteristic was tested during the earlier years of the north american invasion when we resisted fiercely in 1899, sustained it in the early 1900s. The north american invaders suffered lingering and costly loses that they were in danger of giving up their invasion that they resorted to putrid and cowardly acts- hostage taking and extermination of civilians among us filipinos. This resulted to 500,000 to 900,000 deaths among us filipinos. Our physical resistance having weakened, the north americans took over control of our defense system, political system, economic system, education system, and cultural system. They transmitted into our systems the system they fabricated which turned our nation of filipinos and the succeding generations thereafter, into a denationalized, disintegrated individuals, worshipping dependents of our north american invaders. Our inherited national developmental code- the original characteristics of our nation has been injured. This is the Heredity Injuring Virus (HIV).

We mutated from a nation to individuals enslaved to provide the needs of our north american invaders. No they are not colonizers. They are plainly and crudely, foreign invaders. This issue has also been explained in: http://jmgpatria.blogspot.com/2010/06/we-insist-on-label-filipino-american.html

An interest in football among us filipinos could be an indication that we are begining to recover our organic national developmental code. A clearer indication of recovery is the kick-start of an organic constitution, organic defense system, and an organic culture. But the clearest indication would be when the next season, there would already be in our nation a kick-out of the north american control of all our systems. When will be the kickoff?

José Miguel García

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