To the Children of the Prisoners of War & the Hunted Under the GMA Assumed Government


Your heroes are not mutineers—a deception concocted by an intruding government. Who is the lawful authority they rebelled against? Is it the one whose only claim to legitimacy is the prevention of presentation of evidences of the GMA involvement in the tampering of the 2004 presidential election results in an investigation?

Your heroes are not coup plotters—a deception concocted by an intruding government. What has a coup got to do with our being continuously occupied by the Americans today since 1899 when they begun to invade us? The Americans have poured their toxic wastes in the Subic, Zambales area which resulted to rare diseases to our children there. They raped our Filipinas freely. They continue to conduct military exercises in our terrain to familiarize in an area strategically valuable to them. This makes us Filipinos, even more militarily vulnerable to the Americans. What has a coup got to do with the continued subtle invasion of the Chinese of our economic areas from the 1900s till now also as a result of that American invasion of 1899. There are Americans like Capt David Fagen, Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie and many others who defected on our side or have fought for the rights of nations which their own nation have abused. There are Chinese or Chinese meztizos in the Philippines such as Herman Tiu Laurel, Alejandro Lichauco and Gen Danilo Lim in the Philippines who: came here with legitimate purpose; fought for the cause of our liberation as a Filipino nation-- they are more Filipinos than the collaborator GMA, the congressmen for sale or Filipino mercenaries in the Armed Forces. They are either assets or added treasures of our nation. In the past, the Spanish blood in the veins of our heroes like Andrés Bonifacio and Fr. José Burgos did not deter them from confronting the Spaniards by having organized an independence movement for us and upheld our status and rights. For details and references of this information, see my post at http://jmgpatria.blogspot.com/2009/06/developmental-basis.html and http://jmgpatria.blogspot.com/2009/06/chinese-invasion-continues.html.

Thru all these invasion, GMA has been collaborating. Is this not treason? What has a coup got to do with arresting the perpetration of the acts of treason? Is this not the duty of every soldier of a nation? Is defending the nation against foreign invasion not the essence of the profession of a soldier?

In more healthy and civilized nations like France, Israel, Japan and Vietnam, their soldiers professional as they are, would have spontaneously mounted a fierce resistance against foreign invaders and their collaborators. Gen Charles de Gaulle of France is one example of having led the resistance against the German invasion and the French puppet government of the Germans, Petain. A few years after that, he had the US base in France removed.

But we Filipinos also have a tradition of warriors who resisted the American invaders of 1899. To name a few, Gen Ricarte, Gen Antonio Luna, Gen Alejandrino, Gen Tino, Gen Lukban, Gen Malvar, Gen Sakay, and Maj Torres Bugallon. They offered their lives to leave as a nation born in 1898 and one we can come home to as our own. This is the fine tradition inherited by professional filipino soldiers among us today. They are, as all of us filipinos should be, continuing that unfinished fight to recover our inherited nation.

Your heroes are continuing that fight, so that we can all soon come, to our own home.

Your heroes are our heroes too! Please tell your classmates.

José Miguel García

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