Monday, 19 July 2010 at 13:48

After my arrest in 2006, I was placed in solitary for five months where I had plenty of time to contemplate my fate. My incarceration had been marked by a heretofore unheard of abuse of the system of military discipline. Four years later, though I have gained some form of liberty and as I continue with my trial, I still wait for justice.

But it is not justice for myself that I was or am waiting for, but justice for my country. My incarceration has compelled me to watch by the sidelines as the nation suffered from an administration that not only stole the vote, but used this lack of legitimacy to conduct the biggest pillage in history. I was also compelled to swallow the gross display of power that allowed corrupt officers to rise to prominence and position provided they abet the continuous flagellation of all the institution’s highest ideals.

I say, “Enough.” I had taken an oath to protect my country and thus can no longer stand idly by as those who profited from the previous administration, those who openly abetted the destruction of decency and fair play continue to reap the benefits of their crimes, beginning with those officers who corrupted the Armed Forces by their participation in Gloria Arroyo’s reign of greed.

To those officers who aided and abetted Garci, those responsible for extra judicial killings and disappearances, those who stole public funds, in the name of my country and all that is right and just, I’m coming for you.

Former detainee

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