Are those among us, charged by GMA, to be indeed punished, or rewarded, as...

                   MUTINEERS  OR  HEROES? 

There were soldiers among us filipinos who resisted the GMA government which is a group with a military force which: collaborated with foreigners to continue their control of our defense, political, and economic systems; handed over to foreigners our territories like Sabah and Spratlys; prevented the investigation of reports regarding the involvement of the AFP Chain of Command in the tampering of the 2004 Presidential Election results and; thereafter collaborated with the chinese in having access to the communication and information network of our nation thru the ZTE broadband deal.  The GMA government however charged these soldiers among us with what they termed as "mutiny".  These actions of GMA which were being resisted by soldiers among us who were charged, are national security issues.  But more fundamentally, these are issues concerning the damage of our national developmental code included in which, the moral ethics of a generation after generation of us, filipinos.  Who among us then, could have put up a resistance against such acts against such group?

These soldiers among us who have been charged, were just providing the needed support and starter for us filipinos to continue and reciprocate the lives our forefathers offered resisting the foreign invaders against grabbing our inherited sovereignty, excellence, and dignity as a newly born nation then.  These invasions which have been collaborated by many filipinos among us from one generation to the next, have been continued by the same foreigners and collaborated by GMA of this generation.  The summarized details of these information can be read in:  http://jmgpatria.blogspot.com/2013/03/u-s-invasion-of-philippines-stage-3.html; and http://jmgpatria.blogspot.com/2009/06/chinese-invasion-continues.html . 

These soldiers among us who were charged in court by the GMA government with what they termed as “mutiny”, were actually continuing the tradition of nationalism, bravery, excellence, independence, justice, and responsiveness to society lived by General Artemio Ricarte, General Antonio Luna, General Macario Sakay, Maj Torres Bugallón, and many of our warriors ahead of us.  How could it be that the loftiest traditions of our heroes then, would become a crime today?

It was not a crime then to resist injustices in whatever form.  It was heroism.  Is it right today for anybody to determine an act to be a crime based on failure to achieve the objective for that act by the person?  Is this today our principle of justice? 

For the sacrifices of these soldiers among us in defending our nation, honor and reward is the only deserving compensation. The very least that should come from our efforts is the working for reinstatements. These soldiers among us should also be compensated for damages to be appropriated from GMA, Esperon, Senga, Yano who dismissed the enlisted personnel, Garci, Mayuga for hiding the evidences, Puno, and many others involved in the crime of treason.

When will this reign of injustices of the strongest, exploiting the weakest among us, go on?  We should set a precedent by considering crimes as unacceptable and defense of helpless victims of such crimes as the norm that is valued in our nation.  We should set a precedent by considering the taking advantage of the imperfections of the laws made by man, and of the physical weaknesses as well as weaknesses of judgement of a person in order to gain a personal benefit at the expense of another, as a crime.  We should set a precedent that justice does prevail.

José Miguel García

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