JSO The Other Side Of The Medal, Special Operations Unit of Serbia

JSO The Other Side Of The Medal 


PEPE ALAS said...

This kind of elite force is just what we need in order to avoid last Monday's fiasco.

josé miguel said...

In the late 1890s, we already had a high level of combat skill. We had a separate sniper unit called 'Tiradores de la Muerte' under the specific command of Gen Licerio Gerónimo of the Ejército Republicano Filipino. So effective was this unit that it delivered a fatal bullet into one of our highest value enemy target- the legendary north american Gen Lawton.

Unfortunately, we did not have the mastery then, as now, of the kind of skill based on the same basic principles minus the modern equipment and technology of today on anti-terrorism warfare such as that of the Serbian Special Forces as shown in this documentary. That is why we have generally been ineffective against on-site, close quarter anti-hostagetaking battles today. We were also ineffective against hostage taking, our north american invaders have resorted to against the non-combatant filipinos among us in the 1900s. We have today, a number of successful operations against terrorists but most were not on-site, close quarter anti-hostagetaking battles.