Is the Open-Skies Policy the Answer to Lucio Tan’s Anti-Worker Schemes? - Bulatlat


The Aquino Government is just a continuation of governments in the Philippines which the north americans invaders of our nation in 1898, have cultured to become puppets of them, the foreign invaders which included the chinese who are not in conflict with their interests and a neutralizer of filipino economic independence. Lucio Tan is one of those chinese invaders. He is the product of that objective for that culture by the north americans.

France has a very high level of protectionism towards its vital industries.  This is a good model for a start.  In order for us filipinos to be protected in reality, one option is the take over of PAL from Lucio Tan who is not a filipino in reality and have it managed by a team from the government and the private sector.  This is just at the theoretical level which needs thorough study and much fundamental behavioral reconstruction at the social level, in reality if it has to reach the viability stage.

José Miguel García

Part of the article written by Marya Salamat of Bulatlat.com which can be read wholly by clicking on the title above says:                       "In the short-term, this may close the gap in air transport service that a strike in the Philippine flag carrier would create, but at the expense of sabotaging the demands of Filipino workers."

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