Re: Philippine Daily Inquirer: US combat role reported first in 2002

American Imperialism Defilipinization Syndrome— ENEMY STRATEGY

This is regarding the Philippine Daily Inquirer report on "US combat role reported first in 2002" by Julie Alipala which can be found at: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/nation/view/20090829-222542/US-combat-role-reported-first-in-2002

In 1899, the Americans started their invasion of our nation which was just newly born in 1898. Gen. Ricarte, Gen Antonio Luna, Gen Malvar, Gen Alejandrino, Gen Lukban, Gen Sakay, Maj Torres Bugallon and many of our elder warriors led our resistance against the aggressors. 500,000 to 900,000 of us Filipinos died in that resistance. This was the result of that efficient American Imperialistic Depopulation System. It made our resistance weaker to a large extent. With a weaker resistance, the Americans were able to transmit in our education, defense, political, communication and the whole of our developmental system, an Heredity Injuring Virus. The whole of our supposedly inherited developmental system has been replaced by the Americans with a corrupted version. From a fierce defender of our inheritance-- our purity, our newly born nation of 1898, which was cut-off from us, we became worshiping dependents of our invaders.

Today, the American invaders are reaping the benefits of that Heredity Injuring Virus their elder invaders have transmitted to our nation. Today, the corruption of our development has been replicated to further alienate us from our identity. Today, our defense system has turned against us Filipinos who are resisting the foreign invaders. It has become an autodefense disease. Today, our government from one generation to the next serve the needs of our foreign invaders- the Americans in our case. Today, there are fewer of us Filipinos who are still continuing the resistance started by our elder warriors. These are symptoms of the American Imperialism Defilipinization Syndrome.

American invasion still continues. The resistance against the Americans started by our elder warriors has not been concluded yet. Filipinos among us, how long are we going to continue existing with an injured self-respect of a prostitute?

José Miguel García

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