Re: Philippine Daily Inquirer: Editorial: Failing Nation


This is about paying attention to the statement of the Americans on the failure by the government of the Philippines to check terrorism in Mindanao[1].

It mentioned about the GMA government creating an atmosphere to render potentially restive troops having hands too full. This is a deterrent against their potential to resist the GMA government atrocities. Indeed, if we are GMA, do we not benefit from keeping the hands of troops with history of resistance against anomalous governments, too full to focus on us?

However, there is an additional scenario where the Americans are shown to be benevolently concerned with the "failure" of a supposedly legitimate government of the Philippines to check terrorism. This supposedly benevolent concern warrants their presence. There is nothing wrong with this historical concern, except that:

1) If we are the Americans, have we not always benefited from "failures" of the Philippines to check military problems? Has not our presence as Americans in the Filipino archipelago provided us with regional military and economic security?

2) If we are the Filipinos, have we not always been the losers? Has not the American presence resulted in the atrophy (biological term for reduction in mass, strength and performance capacity as a result of minimal utilization of potentials) of our defense, political, economic and value systems? Have not the American military exercises in our terrain been providing them with familiarization with, and data of our military assets increasing their capability to operate in our archipelago? Have not these reduced the military value of our inventory of assets that have been supposed to be secret and thus off limits to foreigners, because they are already familiar to the Americans whose invasion of our nation since 1899 have not yet been resolved? Have we not failed in checking the Chinese invasion of our economy as well as other assets starting in the 1900s when the Americans provided them with security? Have we not been able also to check American rape with impunity of our Filipinas?

In fact, the Americans who invaded us in 1899 after we have already been born as a nation in 1898, deliberately replaced all those systems of ours with an apparently Filipino system. But it has been a corrupted version to develop us into failures in recognizing our national identity, in loving and defending that identity and in capacity to be productive as a result. The result has been, alienation from our nation and the worship of our invaders.

We have an inherited nation which has been in the possession of the Americans[2] [3] and the Chinese until today.[4] [5] It is a matter of us, being aware of it. Then we will finally know were to go—home, to recover it, and possess it.

[1] Philippine Daily Inquirer Editorial: “Failing Nation”, Aug. 23, 2009; http://opinion.inquirer.net/inquireropinion/editorial/view/20090822-221542/Failing-nation

[2] There are Americans like Capt David Fagen, Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie and many others who defected on our side or have fought for the rights of nations which their own nation have abused. They are not the enemy but accepted as Filipinos.

BOEHRINGER, Gill H., A Magnificent Seven and an Unknown Soldier: Black American Anti-Imperialist Fighters in the Philippine-American War, Contributed to Bulatlat, Vol. VIII, No. 12, April 27-May 3, 2008, http://www.bulatlat.com/2008/04/magnificent-seven-and-unknown-soldier-black-american-anti-imperialist-fighters-philippine-am

BENDER, Stephen, Recalling the Anti-Imperialist League, January 13, 2005, http://www.antiwar.com/orig/bender.php?articleid=4335

[5]There are Chinese or Chinese meztizos in the Philippines such as Herman Tiu Laurel, Alejandro Lichauco and Gen Danilo Lim in the Philippines who: came here with legitimate purpose; fought for the cause of our liberation as a Filipino nation-- they are more Filipinos than the collaborator GMA, the congressmen for sale or Filipino mercenaries in the Armed Forces.

José Miguel García

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