Filipino Response to American Invasion at a Micro Level


Should we be surprised with the development of the Smith Rape of Nicole? Should we be surprised with her concern more of money and herself and less of her dignity and other Filipinas among us who would be raped by Americans? As I have been monotonously repeating, our situation today is a symptom of the infection transmitted to us in the 1900s. Many of us have been refusing to look into the underlying cause. Many of us have been enjoying victims. Many of us have a very injured dignity that we have begun to concern ourselves only with being relieved momentarily of hunger or of the short term pain. We have abandoned the future of our children and our brother Filipinos to the creek.

We were a newly born nation in 1898. Thru overbearing might and slyness, Americans took advantage of our being weak as a newborn nation to force their will on us by invading us, as we resisted fiercely in 1899. Is this not an act of rape? Our resistance weakened when 500,000 to 900,000 of us Filipinos died as a consequence. With a weak resistance, Americans continued raping our institutions one of the earliest of which was our military. Then they proceeded with the governance, economy, the education and our communication. We were infected by a Heritage Injuring Virus. The identity we inherited from our fathers and which defined our relationship among us Filipinos was injured. This corrupted every system of the life of our nation. This corruption replicated from the defense system, spread to the other systems until it spread to our culture and finally into our national psyche. This replicated from one generation to the next.

The symptoms are: a whole new generation of dependent people drawing life from and willing to give all of their most treasured assets to the trespasser; and an autoimmune defense system which now recognize as the enemy, the self (us, Filipinos) trying to resist the foreign invaders and their collaborators who is now recognize as the superior or super ego. We are now in the stage of Alienated Identity and Defense Syndrome. Our defense system has been corrupted.

Nicole is just a cell of our body as Filipinos which was corrupted by that Heritage injuring Virus transmitted by the Americans thru the continued rape of our institutions. With the corruption of our national system by this virus, the identity of each one of us with our nation has been as a consequence, corrupted. How then, could we have love for one another. Could we then expect Nicole to think of the Filipinas among us who would also be raped by Americans?

We have brother Filipinos who sacrificed themselves, their families and their future like Artemio Ricarte, Antonio Luna, Alejandrino, Torres Bugallon, Lukban, Malvar, Leon Sakay and our other elder brothers. We now also have Former Vice President Teofisto Guingona Jr, Bishop Labayen, Nemenzo, Jonas Burgos, Trillanes 1V, Miranda, Danilo Lim, de Leon, Segumalian, Jason Aquino, Faeldon, Alejano, Layug and many other nationalistic Filipinos who have been continuing this resistance. So long as we have people like them, our resistance to this social disease will continue.

Let us Filipinos continue to fight this virus transmitted by the Americans in the 1900s until we can fully recover. Then we can finally come home!

José Miguel García

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