Can our body prefer one virus over another? That is also prefering one foreign invader over another. Does it indeed make sense to prefer one foreign invader over another foreign invader? This virus started invading us after we were born as a nation in 1898, which we filipinos fiercely resisted in 1899. Unable to suppress our resistance, they engage in putrid actions such as hostage taking, mass torture, rape of our women, and extermination of civilians among us. This caused the weakening of our physical resistance. This caused the death of 500,000 to 900,000 of us filipinos.

After they transmitted a massive dose of alienating identity and defilipinization process in our systems of: defense; political; education; economy; and culture, their invasion became less physical, but more subtle and deep that it tranformed our very national developmental code into one of worshipping dependents of our foreign invaders. With this status, the north americans made a show before the world that they have granted us independence in July 1946. This made it possible for them to continue whatever form of invasion they prefered. This made it possible for them to continue today their physical invasion again but this time more subtle in what was reported in http://jmgpatria.blogspot.com/2009/06/american-invasion-continues_7055.html

Yes, this invasion started in the 1900s is now, both physical and moral. This invasion also corrupted our moral values.

Chile which was a colony of Spain, is now picking up economically. We filipinos have been continuosly occupied by the north americans since the 1900s up to today. Today, we are physically and morally bunkrupt.

Let us look at ourselves first and start to stand on our own feet. Let us strengthen our defense system but first base it on a national identity on which it will be the basis on who to protect. Let us start to be independent because we can actually do it if only we decide. Only then can we have a celebration not just the birth of our nation, but also the independence which is the liberation of our nation.

José Miguel García


José Mario said...

Hispanophobes say that all nations that Spain colonized, particularly the South American countries, are corrupt. And they blame Spain for it. They are mistaken. Those countries were corrupted later on by the US through the CIA.

josé miguel said...

I have at least one data proving U.S. hand in the corruption of one of the South American countries. It is about the coup in Chile which can be seen in this link:http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/South_America/Chile_9_11_73.html

This resulted to more than 2000 killed and 27000 tortured in Chile.

But when the CIA coup sponsored Pinochet rule ended in Chile, and which U.S. intervention was not as deep compared with that of the Philippines, Chile today is one of the most stable and prosperous nations in South American.