As to our election, the elected leaders are political plants, the quality of which is dependent on the quality of society who are the social developmental soil.

As in farming principles:

If the soil has been saturated with synthetic or inorganic fertilizers, pesticides and other inputs, the natural life sustaining cycle inherent in the soil which is dependent for sustaining life only on nature such as earth creatures, water, and sun will simply die. In place will be the synthetic inputs sustaining life directly and synthetically to the plants. With natural life sustaining cycle in the soil already absent, the plants will become constantly, progressively and perpetually dependent on the inorganic inputs produced by fertillizer and pesticide companies. So is it with the social developmental soil. Before the north americans claimed to have granted us thru legal documents what they labeled as independence in July 1946, they have already saturated our social developmental soil with developmental inputs they synthesized replacing our organic systems. With systems in us, the filipino social soil, natural to our development already absent, the filipino political plant became constantly, progressively and perpetually dependent on the developmental inputs produced by the north americans.

As in the soil, so is it with our nation: Let us go back to organic!

José Miguel García

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