"PERFECT JUSTICE" from an Excerpt from Arnaldo Dumindin: THE WAR RAGES, 1899

Excerpt from DUNINDIN, Arnaldo: Website: Philippine-American War, 1899-1902: The War Rages, 1899 (1)

Father and son killed by Americans. Photo taken in 1899, location not specified. A U.S. Red Cross worker reported seeing “horribly mutilated Filipino bodies,” and said, “American soldiers are determined to kill every Filipino in sight.” A soldier from Washington wrote of bloodthirsty “sights you could hardly believe,” and concluded, “A white man seems to forget that he is human.”

U.S. military forays descended into a series of atrocities that included the massacre of prisoners, civilian and military, and entire villages. General William Shafter told a journalist it might be necessary to kill half the native population to bring “perfect justice” to the other half.


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