This is the cause of why we today, although filipinos, speak English, a very foreign language. We were made to pay with at least 500,000 to 900,000 of our lives in the form of food deprivation, water deprivation, torture, terrorism, hostage taking, execution and mass murder, just so that they, the americans, will be able to transmit the developmental virus Heredity Injuring Virus into our system.

This resulted to the corruption of our: national identity; history; perception of the world; creativity; moral ethics; values; intellectual process; culture; defense system; political system; functioning relationship with each other and that of other nationals; and all of our systems.

This corrupted the way our nation has been formed and developed. This corrupted the development of our relationship with each other including our brother muslims. This corrupted our present behavior as individuals and as a people. Our national developmental code has been corrupted.

We have become worshipping dependents of our american invaders. We have likewise become selfish individuals with only apathy and contempt for the rest of our brothers.

Because of the american invasion, the definition of our relationship with our brother muslims have been corrupted. Instead of us developing this definition of our relationship among ourselves upon the proper organic historical basis, the Heredity Injuring Virus which the americans transmitted infected that development which mutated to facilitate the needs of the foreign americans which was in conflict with that of our own organic needs.

Let us be grateful to the English language and the continuing american invasion. We fiercely resisted in 1899 and have yet to fully accomplish them today.

José Miguel García

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