From Where The Alien Sails


From where the alien sails,
through the sea of Sulu
or the beaches of Zamboanga,
him, the Filipino Marine tails.

The enemy conceals his trails
on the jungles of Lamitan
or the hills of Tugas.
At his flanks, the Filipino Marine scales.

With subtleness and speed, the invader lands.
With maneuver and firepower, the terrorist conquers.
On the summit of his success, the enemy sits
Right between his eyes, the Filipino Marine hits.

José Miguel García

The Filipino defense system is under attack by viruses. It has been and is continually being corrupted by: collaboration with foreigners commiting incursions in or occupying our territory which violates our national integrity and sovereignty; being oriented towards dependence on American technology, high technology gadgets and other imported and economically unsustainable, causing atrophy on creativity and toughness; attacking brother Filipinos resisting GMA handing over of our economic resources and strategically valuable assets which are acts of treason. As the Americans have transmitted into our system, the Heredity Injuring Virus when they invaded us in 1899, our different systems have been infected and the infection replicated from one generation to the next. The Filipino Marine is not exempted from being the target of such developmental viral invasion-- a prime target of the American transmission of the HIV. It is attached within our system so that it can unnoticably alter our character we acquired from our forefathers who laid the foundations of our national character and resisted the American invaders. From that of the original and organic nationalistic character, we have been transformed to that of worshipping dependents of the American invaders. At our present stage, our nation thru our defense system has already been manifesting the Alienated Identity and Defense Syndrome. The symptoms are a defense system oriented towards attacking the self- the countrymen (counterinsurgency-autoimmune) and defending the non-self or the foreign invaders. Let us hope that there is still a Filipino national identity that can still be recovered from which we the Filipino civilians among us could still find a big brother to protect us in our long and perilous journey to return to our own inherited home-- Filipinas.



Hola Jose Miguel:

Gracias por tus comentarios, ¿no sé si querias algún tipo de información sobre eskrima?

Un Saludo

josé miguel said...

Hola amigos:

Soy de las Filipinas. Soy interesado en algunas de las informaciónes en eskrima. Yo también soy interesado a ver el desarrollo de luchar entregado descubierto técnicas. Soy interesado a desarrollar la técnica más básica en la batalla-- combate desarmado. Sabiendo los principios básicos de combate así como la dinámica de utilizar cuchillos, pueden ser fácil y natural desarrollar técnicas entregadas para contradecir ataques de un enemigo con un cuchillo.

Un Saludo